Don't Tell Me A Lie

A 18 year old girl named MaKayla Park learns the truth about her Mom's death after one slip of a video makes its way around the internet, making MaKayla, Zayn, Louis, Liam, Eleanor, Harry, and Niall a target for anything and everything.


13. Kidnapped

We all filed into the hotel suite changing into our pj's. While El and I cooked up some feirce grilled cheeses, the boys turned the t.v to a holiday movie called "A Christmas Story". We all snuggled up close together and ate. When the movie was over we decided to go to bed. While trying to fall asleep Harry's phone buzzed.

"It's my Mum!" Harry anounced. He froze giving the phone to me and having me read what was said.

Harry you all need to follow his rules, or you and us three mum's will be hurt and maybe even killed.

I passed it around and right when the phone got out of my hands I grabbed my phone trying text while tears were blurring up my eyes. The text I sent said "Okay I'm ready to participate, what do I need to do." Harry and Louis did the exact same. We all got a text back around the same time.

Good, good. Tomorrow go to this address 2112 Gally Way dr. and ask for "The Box". Once you all have the box and I mean all of you. Open it and follow your next rules. Make sure not to be late or maybe someones mommy may be hurt by the end of the day.

I didn't know what he meant by late, but I just thought we all needed to be done with this before nine o'clock. We all layed stil trying not to cry.


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