Don't Tell Me A Lie

A 18 year old girl named MaKayla Park learns the truth about her Mom's death after one slip of a video makes its way around the internet, making MaKayla, Zayn, Louis, Liam, Eleanor, Harry, and Niall a target for anything and everything.


17. I Now Know

The night of my mothers death Sean had made me kiss him. I remember him pushing me up against the wall yelling at me while he had his computer open and recording the whole process. He told me if I had ever not followed what he wanted me to he would post it online. When I went home that night I remember seeing a blood trail through my whole house then my mother on the ground dead.

I had called the ambuleance and had her taken to a hospital even if I knew she was dead. I remembered getting a text that night saying-

Bye, Bye mommy. Haha see you when you're eighteen.

I never told anybody when I went to go live with my grandparents for my last year in high school and thats the year I met Zayn and had told him some of my past not remembering what happened that exact night.

Also in Sean's pockets was Harry's mom's phone. Harry punched Sean so hard I thought Sean would have passed out, but he didn't. Sean confessed that everything was fake. He just wanted back at me for dating Zayn. Louis then kicked him twice so hard Sean started to whimper not laugh. Zayn just called then cops while having Sean pinned down.

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