this story is about a hopless romantic always wanting to meet the band One Direction. She ends up going miles to a meet and greet and finds a very strange thing about the boys, but she cannot figure it out.
This crazy mixed up girl realizes that all everyone needs is love and ends up finding the love of her life.


1. They Notice Me Now

  I'm Gweneth, all I've ever wanted was to be a part of One Direction's life. When one day finally I have saved enough money to go to a meet and greet. I went back to school. That day, everyone was acting like one of my friend so I could invite them, even though nobody was. I really wanted to invite my mom, but families at a meet and greet, that would be weird, right? I had never thought about it and it might be a good idea but also a bad one.

  Well if I go to that meet and greet, I have to go with someone I know, and well obvously a Directioner. Honestly this was the hardest desion I've ever made. But also, this is the most popular I've been in years! This is the first time I have people waiting on me, and buying my lunch for me. Wow I could'nt believe it but I was the most popular girl in my school. Older kids wanted to be my friend younger kids wanted to be my friend. It was never ending! I had more facebook requests then ever and in school lots of people asked me questions. I might as well enjoy the fame while it lasts.

"Wow Gweneth!"

"Can I come Gweneth?!"

"You're inviting me right Gweneth?!?!"

   This attention was starting to get annoying now. After saying "no" a hundred times you would feel the same way. Hopfully they'll forget about it tomorrow and I'll invite my true friends, whoever they are. Maybe they'll find me I have my cousin, Juilia, Alyssa, and Hunter.

   All I wanted to say was no, no, no, no, no! I hated all the attention I was getting now! All I wanted to do was take a nap right when I got home but my Facebook was completely full of the same questions! Why didn't notice me before huh? I'm the same Gweneth I never changed not one single time. Why don't they see? I decided to join a ramdom chat with another directioner. I thought that would get my mind off things. I opened up Youtube and listened to my favorite song "Magic" I love that song so much it made me forget about everything else bad that was happening. Thats when I got an idea. But I was still deciding if it would work or not.



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