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This story is about a love, that will last??? Will she pick him or someone else??? Will her heart get broken again??? Will she ever have friends?????????????Read and find out!

This is my first movella so no hate plz! Thx for reading!


15. You Scared me!!!

His eyes were blue, and they shone more than anyone elses there. I ran. Giving him the biggest hug ever! it was my bestie in year 7, Dan, we hung out so much then, i could only just recognise him. He mustve recognised me though, because he hugged me back and screamed "omg jane, i didnt think id ever see you again!". "i know, i would really want to spend more time with you, but my plane is leaving in about 20 mins" i said with a frown. "how about you just give me your number, then we can talk when you get back to..." he said. "New York" i said finishing his sentence. "Oh cool, ive always wanted to go there, maybe when im a bit richer ill come and visit you!" he said, very charming. i blushed a little and gave him my number. I waved and we said our goodbyes.

We got on our plane, and i told Harry about Dan and how we were inseparable in year 7.he kinda just laughed. we got back to NY, i swear it took longer to get back then to go there. I walked back. Since i was so tired, Harry said we could stay at a hotel nearby, just for a change. i agreed at the idea. We walked into our hotel room, and the napkins were all folded into cranes. how long would that take to do? so we decided to play a game. we looked into the games cupboard, there was a few games but we chose twister. All the boys and i agreed to play. We took turns on the person who would spin the arrow. When it was my turn, Dan didnt stop texting me, they were nice though. The boys were getting quite annoyed because they were in such uncomfortable places, and i was taking a while because i was always texting back. I could see Harry was getting a little curious, because i dont really text alot any other time. He purposely got out and came sit next to me.


"so beautiful, who you texting?" i asked, being my jealous self. "oh just Dan" she said, shrugging her shoulders. i didnt really care about him, he lives in Australia. After about 3 hrs of playing twister we felt it was the right time to stop, and we were getting quite bored. At this time it was around quarter past 12 at night. Jane and i just cuddled in bed for a while, not really sleeping, just watching Janes chest rise with her breaths. I was pretty sure she was asleep.

We woke up bright and early, at about 9:30 am ish. We went to the pancake manner for breakfast. i had like 20 pancakes piled on one another with chocolate ice cream everywhere. I looked like such a pig sitting next to Jane, she ate like 3 pancakes and said she was so full. After about 2hrs we finished, because the boys even had more than me on their plates! We headed to the beach closest to the restaurant, we were all nearly in the water, when i heard Janes scream. I ran down as fast as i could. She was just standing there. She looked petrified, she ran over to me, "whats wrong babe" i said worryingly. "we cant swim here!" she said with shock in her eyes. "why not" i said laughing. "i have a phobia of blue bottles!" she said whispering now, i think she was a little embarrassed. "you scared me Jane, of course we'll go to  different one" i said reassuringly, but still trying to hold the laughs in, she could tell because she punched me as hard as she could, it didnt hurt at all.

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