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This story is about a love, that will last??? Will she pick him or someone else??? Will her heart get broken again??? Will she ever have friends?????????????Read and find out!

This is my first movella so no hate plz! Thx for reading!


13. WOW!!!!!

When we got off the plane, i forgot how many fans one direction had, because at home there was about 10 everyday out of our window. The boys purposely went there for privacy. When i was on the last step on the ladder off the plane, i swear there was at least a couple of thousand girls and boys, just waiting, and they might not even be able to see them. I took harrys hand, and he clenched mine. We walked and i was wearing my white floral jeans with a black top that had frills down the bottom. i would've dressed up if i knew this many people were there! At that moment i heard my phone, it had dad on it, he better not ring me this whole trip! i picked it up because hes a worry wart and would think i was getting killed if i didn't.

"hello" i answered, "hey darling, i didn't mention before that if i find out that you visited your mother, i will probably have to kill you, ok..." the last bit he said jokingly, but i knew he meant it. "i dont want you to get hurt" he finished. "well, i have to go now dad" i said walking down red carpet sorta thing. "but i dont want to see her" i said. "Good, bye pumpkin pie" he said. i laughed and ended the phone call. we got to our apartment. i just stood there gob smacked. "do you like it?" harry said while taking his hands away from my eyes. "harry! this is bigger than my house!"i said excited. Harry gave a cheeky smile.

"harry, this is too big for 6 people!" i said feeling a little guilty. He smiled at me again. What was he up to? "actually its just for us two" he saw my jaw drop, so he started laughing. "the boys are across, the hall" he continued.


she was so cute when i told her that. so i had to laugh. "come on, you haven't seen your room yet" i said excited to see her face light up. "don't you mean our room?" she said hopeful. "of course our room" i said, whoops haha. We walked about two rooms down, and the biggest room i could buy was in there, it was like vintage theme and was very fancy. I looked at her, she was already running to the wardrobe, of course, i forgot she was a girl. she opened the door. it was massive i must admit. She took a long look in there, and then when she finished i showed her the best part of the whole house. i covered her eyes again. We walked in, even though i had already seen it, i still was amazed.

she opened her eyes. The whole wall was a window, we were right across the road from the beach since we were at the gold coast, so it looked so beautiful. She just took a seat on the lounge chair, and said not taking her eyes away from the view, "i could look at this all day", "I know" i sat down as well. We finally took our eyes of the window and went to see the boys. "heeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy guys, hows the room" louis greeted us, like every time he has when walk through the door. "amazing!" Jane said beating me.

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