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This story is about a love, that will last??? Will she pick him or someone else??? Will her heart get broken again??? Will she ever have friends?????????????Read and find out!

This is my first movella so no hate plz! Thx for reading!


4. Why Me????

I looked around literally everyone was staring at me, now One Direction was looking at me and their cameras. i wondered what they were staring at. i saw sarah in the distance, she was gesturing to look at my butt. so i did. it turns out that Tiffany and their group put red paint on my dress the colour of blood. i looked at everyone, they were all shocked. Tears started to fill my eyes. i started to cry, hard. At once i ran towards the gates of the school.

I dont care if i get suspeded, i dont care if i get expelled, kept repeating in my head. Just then a tight, strong grip was around my wrist, not enough to hurt though. i turned around and saw a curly haired guy, my eyes were blurry from crying so hard. He looked at me with his Green eyes and said "are you alright", i quickly shook my head. he saw the pain in my eyes and picked me up. i was about to struggle out of his grip but it felt so right. i finally stopped crying and saw the guy that did all that was Harry Styles!

"what are you doing?" i questioned him. he shook his head "you looked really upset so i thought you should get out of there." i nodded. he came close to me, we were almost touching and he said. "it wasnt  fair what those girls did to you","yeah they bully me almost everyday", he looked shocked, as if he didnt believe me.

"sorry" he said. "what for" i was really confused.

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