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This story is about a love, that will last??? Will she pick him or someone else??? Will her heart get broken again??? Will she ever have friends?????????????Read and find out!

This is my first movella so no hate plz! Thx for reading!


16. Theme Park!

I can see what shes talking about. if i had the same phobia i would be frigging scared to, theres about a thousand blue bottles, just near my feet right now. "hun, i have the best place we can go!" i said, knowing exactly where to go. "Where?" she said excited. "you'll see" i said, trying to sound sneaky, but i actually forgot the name, so i didn't want to sound dumb, i knew exactly where to go too though. I told Louis the directions and he drove there. I looked at Jane and said "We're here" i said, seeing her face light up. i hope she likes theme parks. i walk over and finally see the name slip... and slide... water park. SLIP AND SLIDE WATER PARK, i remember now! 

"oh my god, i love this place!" she said smiling. we walked into the park paying $12 each to get in, i paid for Jane's she didnt like that, when i was about to pay, she jumped on my back and tackled me to the ground and paid the man, he just shook his head and smiled. We walked in. She started "sorry, i don't like people paying for me". "clearly!" i said smirking. We kept walking and Jane started nagging about the biggest ride in the park, of course! im a little scared of rides, but nothing to major. We walked over there, where the largest ride towered over us. She smiled, i had a very worried expression on my face. The ride is called the Aqua loop. She tugged my arm and we headed up the stairs. It took around a hour to get up there. We had to get weighed, Jane went first, you go around a corner so no one can see your weight. It took about 3 minutes and then i heard Janes scream. way different to the one on the beach. I walked around the counter.

I walked onto the scales. 68.45 kgs. "Ok, thats a enough weight to get on the ride". The life guard says. He gestures me to walk inside this green tube. you walk in and there's a clear floor that you stand on. then there was a voice over in the tube saying "3,2,1" then straight away the floor drops. The feeling is like i've never experienced before. Your stomach just drops. its so much fun. then you do a big loop and come out of the loop in a skinny, slide looking thing. i stand up, shake my hair and scream "That was awesome!" Louis was video taping me from the top to when i said that was awesome. I punched louis playfully and said, "how come you guys didn't come on". "we wouldn't miss that for the world!" liam said."true, i must've been funny" i said laughing. "you were" louis said replaying the video on his camera. i just laughed. Louis was so immature sometimes, but he's so hilarious.

we went on a couple of other rides, including calypso bay which is a big circle of water, and in the middle of the water is a mini water park thingy. When you were in the circle of water you had to have a tube to float on. Me and Jane kept flipping each other off it, we got told off from all the life guards around the bay, until we finally just floated.  we went on one ride that was three very tall, even taller than the aqua loop, slides. and the out side ones go out and then down. But the middle one just literally went down. i looked at it and said "im going on this one" i said running. "me too" louis said following close behind, the others followed except Zayn. "ill video tape all of you!" he said holding the camera.

We walked up the thousand stairs there were. When we got up there, there was about 5 people lining up for the middle one, and no one was lining up on the side ones. "yes" i screamed and lined up on the middle one. Jane was behind me, followed by louis and then Niall then Liam. We agreed with Zayn that before we got on the ride we'd scream out our names, which was a good idea. It was my turn, there was gates right in front of you and you sit down behind it. Theres a green light that goes on, after the person before you has gotten off. i screamed out "HARRY!" like we agreed. i went down, scared as hell. When you go down the steep end, your back doesn't touch the slide any more. When it was all done, i got the biggest wedgy.  When i walked out i heard "JANE!" being shouted from the top she looked so funny. i was recording it on her phone and mine, and Zayn was recording on the camera. They all came down one after another, until it was Liams turn. He kinda just stood there up the top looking down,i could see the lifeguard talking to him. 

He finally nodded his head at the lifeguard, he headed down and screamed his very manly scream, Louis has a really girly scream its really funny. We all walked away laughing, i walked over to Liam who was laughing as well and said "what were you and the lifeguard talking about?". "dont tell the boys, but i was really scared, so he gave me a couple of minutes" he said answering my question. "ohh that was nice of him" i said. he nodded and we kept walking, "Louis's face was so funny" i heard Zayn say, their all staring at the camera.

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