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This story is about a love, that will last??? Will she pick him or someone else??? Will her heart get broken again??? Will she ever have friends?????????????Read and find out!

This is my first movella so no hate plz! Thx for reading!


19. reccuring!


We walked down the beach splashing around. We were playing tag in the waves, when i accidentally pushed her a little too hard and she fell over, we were still in the shallow areas, i thought she was about to faceplant so i dove for her and caught her just before she hit the ground. It kind of hurt when she fell on me because her elbows dug into my ribs, i would never show it though, she would be heartbroken if she hurt me. We kept playing on the beach we added into a game of beach volleyball, im terrible at it though. After we both got out of the game we thought we should go home. When we were in the beach, i was actually thinking of proposing to Jane. Oh god why would i think of that, We've been together for 4 weeks! im gonna make a promise to myself, and to prove the boys wrong, im not going to go fast with this relationship. So i took it straight out of my mind. I just kept remebering the day we met, it wasn't that long ago, the look of sadness in her eyes. last night, it was way worse, i wanted to ask what she was dreaming about so bad. but i just left it.

We walked back to the apartment, since it was only about 8 minutes walk back. We walked up the stairs this time to the apartment. Jane got up to the room and fell on the bed with a big sigh. i lied down next to her. She whispered in my ear "thanks for taking me here". "thats okay" i said smiling to myself. We decided to get up about an hour later. "how about we play a mean game of Scrabble?" i said while she was scrolling through her Twitter or Facebook. "sure" she said keeping her focus on the iPhone. i dont know why they have so many board games in this hotel, we didnt bring any games. We played 2 games of Scrabble, i won both. Then we decided to play Battle Ships, i won 2 games and she won 1, she got so excited when she won. We played heaps of other games, she did better in most of them. We wobbled to bed at about 3 in the morning. 

i looked at my alarm clock, it was 10:46 am. I really needed more sleep. I felt my face, i really needed to shave, its been a while. My facial hair doesnt grow really fast though. I walked over to the sink and remmebered i forgot to bring my shaver! I looked in the cupboard and saw some cheap ones that all hotels have. i opened it and used it. When i was finished i plugged my earphones in my ipod. i was listening to Free Falling by John Mayer i was dancing around the bathroom when i accidently ran into the vase next to the sink and it made a big crash and water went everywhere. "shit" i said to myself. I heard sniffling from the bed, i walked over and Jane was crying in bed again, i walked over and rubbed her back.

"what was that this morning, that smash?" she said confused, "oh yeah, i kinda... well..." i didnt want to say it. "what'd you do Harry?"she said looking like my mum. "i smashed the vase in the bathroom" i said looking very guilty. She just laughed, "well go to your room!" she said jokingly. we laughed "did you have a nightmare this morning again?" i said turning it serious. "the same one as the other night, its exactly the same" she said frowning. "well i should probably clean all my mess up" i sighed. i did that and we ate weet bix for breakfast.



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