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This story is about a love, that will last??? Will she pick him or someone else??? Will her heart get broken again??? Will she ever have friends?????????????Read and find out!

This is my first movella so no hate plz! Thx for reading!


26. Positive



I sat up and read the pregnancy test, it says... POSITIVE! I see Harry running in and everything went black, i could still hear everything that people were saying but could not see or move. "its positive..." i hear Harry say. "But you need to do it a couple of times before its definite". he reassured. That made me feel better. "OMG JANE, WHAT HAPPENED?" harry yells. "she fainted. common for pregnancy at her age". I could suddenly feel Harry shaking my shoulders and then the movement in my body came back, i could then see again. Tears were rushing down my face, i had a really bad migraine but i didn't care. I hugged Harry tightly. "i'll leave you two alone for a minute" he announced walking out the door. "Do you want a kid?" he asked, i nodded. "so do I" he agreed. I might only be 20, but I really want a kid, and with the man of my dreams.I finally got out of his bear hug. 

*2 weeks later*

I woke up the sun hitting my face, making my eyes squint. I turn to see Harry sleeping, his chest rising. I see his eyes open and i kiss his lips. I look at my watch, OMG I SLEPT IN TILL 2:00 PM! I got up and had a shower and walked back into the room and harry was getting dressed. We have lunch with louis, liam,niall,Zayn, Ashleigh, Perrie and Eleanor. We are still on tour, and It is definate since a week ago that i am pregnant, and we don't wanna know what sex it is. No one knows except me and Harry and we're looking for the right moment to tell everyone... Im wearing a red flowy short dress. Harry is wearing a casual shirt and dressy shorts.

I walk into, i think a surf living saving club. I sat down and Harry sat next to me.Louis and Eleanor were across from us, Ashleigh and Niall were next to them, Zayn and Perrie were next to Harry and Liam was beside me. The menus get passed around the table. Louis came to Harry and said "do you want any drinks?" "can i have a beer?" he said. He came over to me, "and what about the lady?" he asked. The doctor, a few days ago said i was not allowed to drink ANY alcohol. "no thanks" i replied.

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