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This story is about a love, that will last??? Will she pick him or someone else??? Will her heart get broken again??? Will she ever have friends?????????????Read and find out!

This is my first movella so no hate plz! Thx for reading!


17. Plane Trip

We got home and just watched tv till about 1 in the morning. Watching mean girls - which was picked by Jane. Toy story 3 - which was picked by Liam. Paranormal Activity 1 - which was picked by me. Grease - which was picked out by Louis. Hunger Games - which was picked by Niall. Scar face - which was picked by Zayn. We had our little movie marathon for tonight... I woke up bright and early and realised the date today it's Wednesday, it is the 3rd week of our school holidays, so i decided to take Jane to a beach right next to Miami, since we didnt get to go yesterday.


i had just woken up and it was around 8:20 am. way to early for my brain to function properly. Harry was already awake, it looks like he's thinking. "hey babe" i said with my very sexy morning voice. "Hey, you and i should go to Miami, for a few days for a holiday, and a date!" he said still focusing on something. "umm well" i managed to say.

I woke up, wait did i go to sleep? i must've gotten to tired to stay up any more. i looked at my alarm clock it was 10:00 am, good, i didn't sleep for too long. i walked over to my dresser to get dressed, when i noticed all my stuff was packed except a pair of my white short-shorts and a tight black singlet that says 'live life like there's no tomorrow' with a pair of vans that i brought that says 'i <3 Harry styles' i smiled and put it all on. i walked out and said to Harry "so why is all my clothes packed?", He laughed,"so you don't remember our conversations this morning?"he said. "umm... oh yeah something about Miami"it took me awhile. "OH MY GOD, ARE WE GOING TO MIAMI?" i said screaming. he nodded his head and said, "i told you this morning and you fell asleep" he said still laughing.

"ohh watever, how'd you know what to pack for me?"i said, a bit worried. "ohh i packed everything". "wow ok, when are we leaving?" i said. "now, if your ready!" Harry said. i ran upstairs and got my 'toiletries' and went to the toilet. i jumped down the stairs and missed one stair, i fell over and like face planted. I didnt care though, so i just bounced up and kept walking. Everyone asking me if i was alright, i always replied, im fine. We got into Harrys black jeep, and drove about 5 minutes away to the airport. we got there and Harry asked politely "Can i please have 2 adult tickets to the next flight to Miami please". "sure sir, the next flight to Miami is in about 10 minutes". "Thank you". we took a seat in the waiting area. After the ten minutes had past we walked to the aeroplane. We sat down in our seats, I was on the window side and Harry was on the isle side.

The flight takes about 3 hours. About half way there, i heard a girl and Harry talking, she was the girl next to him on the isle. "Hey Harry, can i please have a photo with you" she whispered. "sure, just don't show anyone till we get off the plane, i don't want to get mobbed". She nodded her head and brought the camera out. After they finished doing that, i heard the girl whisper even quieter "can i have a picture of you and your girlfriend" she gave the puppy eyes. I pretended not to hear, and Harrys says to me "babe, can you be in a photo with me, for this fan" he said whispering, i think, he thought i was asleep."yeah" i said. we had fun with the photos one he was kissing me on the cheek and giving me bunny ears.

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