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This story is about a love, that will last??? Will she pick him or someone else??? Will her heart get broken again??? Will she ever have friends?????????????Read and find out!

This is my first movella so no hate plz! Thx for reading!


28. Oops..


I tapped her shoulder, she turned around and she was a man... "sorry mate, thought you were someone else" i said, he just turned around and kept playing. Not telling Jane that story. I pick up my phone and ring her cell, 1 ring, 2 ring "hello" she says. "where are you?" i said, scratching my head. "i needed some fresh air" ohh, i walked outside and didn't see her, "how long away fresh air exactly" i said. "only about 15 to half an hour away" . 

*skip till when he gets to her*

"why did you run?" i asked. "i walked" she replied moody. we walked back to the car, silent. "what if Louis doesn't like the baby, what if he doesn't talk to us any more?" she whines, i sigh, "are you hearing yourself, this is Louis for God's sake!" she was quiet for the rest of the ride. I drive back to our apartment and get out of the car. 


*3 months later*




I hop out of the limo to the Grammy's and stood on the rich red carpet that many celebrities stood on before me. My bump is definitely showing and it has been on many covers of newspapers 'IS SHE FAT OR IS SHE PREGNANT?" it read, why did they have to be so cruel. We went to the poster board thingy and Harry and I posed for the cameras. I was wearing a long red dress that had slits down the side to my mid-thigh. i had my hair half up half down, We walked to our seats and my favourite person in the world went up and sang LABRINTH! i love him so much. It took 3 and a half hours, beyonce, pink, one direction and many more performed, 1D sang little things and Harry was staring at me the whole time, people were noticing and did this really loud "awwwww " i laughed and blushed. when he came of stage i kissed him and whispered in his ear "you did great!" he kissed my cheek. I felt eyes burning the back of my head. 

We were on the way back to our apartment with all the boys in the car with there girlfriends, in the limo. 'Kiss you' came on and they all started singing (one direction did) "SHUT UP!" i say and everyone shut up, "let them sing.." i said pointing to the radio, everyone laughed.

When we went home we watched a movie - The Simpsons Movie. It came to the bit where they all get trapped under the dome, i had this emotion that i couldn't keep it in i cried. Harry looked really confused, "honey, i know your hormonal but this is a comedy.." i cried into his chest while everyone else laughed.

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