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This story is about a love, that will last??? Will she pick him or someone else??? Will her heart get broken again??? Will she ever have friends?????????????Read and find out!

This is my first movella so no hate plz! Thx for reading!


6. I love you...

we went to the movies, and just like dad promised he'd see me go in the movies, i told him he didnt need to, then he just got more curious. and i thought after awhile he would literally come in the movies with us, so i just left it. Me and sarah organised for them to wait for me, and then go to different movies when dad walked away. and harry was already in the movie i was going in. i hope it goes to plan.

dad walked in, sarah was there like organised. he asked us what movie we were watching i said "lord of the rings", when she said "ted", at exacly the same time. i looked at sarah and said "i mean ted, change of plans last night." he looked at me and walked away. i sighed really loud. then we parted ways. i saw harry in the movies.i walked over to him, the movie hadnt started yet. we are watching paranormal activity 4, so i could cuddle with harry.

it was around the middle of the movie and there was a really scary bit and i jumped really high, i didnt even notice i was hugging harry. he looked at me and said "i love you" really casually. i didnt really know what to say, the last time i said it i regreted it, so i didnt say anything. about ten minutes later he did the old yawn and over my shoulder trick. it was really cute. When the movie finished we were about to walk out when a person yelled "jane you sexy ass" i turned around to see sam, of course. Harry turned around and looked around. sam came up to me and squeezed my bum. it felt super weird. Harry stood up "what the hell do you think your doing" he yelled. 

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