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This story is about a love, that will last??? Will she pick him or someone else??? Will her heart get broken again??? Will she ever have friends?????????????Read and find out!

This is my first movella so no hate plz! Thx for reading!


9. Heaps of Fun


After that very personal game of truth or dare, we ventured to the bed. I wasn't quite sure if we were sharing or not. luckily he showed me to my room, and he parted to his. I woke up refreshed. when was i going to go back home. Well i better have fun before it all goes away. Louis came in my room, i sat up. "are you awake", "yes" he kinda paused. "well the boys and i are heading out, you wanna come". i looked at him and said "i'll be right out!"

"so were are we going" i asked as i was finished getting ready. i was wearing an orange floral summer dress, with a white belt. with my hair just flowing down one shoulder. "were just going to the beach" he said not excited at all. "Awesome. i haven't been to a beach in ages!". we all piled into the car. me hopping in last, it took 2 long hours to get there. Louis was driving. we finally got there, all the boys raced to the water. while i was walking, i was really self - concious, all i was wearing was a bright orange pair of bikinis, that had frills. "come on" yelled Harry from the water. "i'm coming!" i yelled back.

I was looking at the ground the whole way there. I heard footsteps. Harry cam running up, i thought he was just gonna walk with me. but he picked me up like a baby and carried me to the water, he threw me in."meanie" i said poking my tongue out. they all just laughed. We all had a really fun day at the beach, splashing around, we even got told off by the lifeguards, because we accidentally went out of the flags. We all headed back to the car, laughing our heads off.

when we arrived back home everyone got silent "im so tired!" said niall, leaning against the stair railing. at this point it was around 8:30 pm. we all decided to have a early night after eating spaghetti, and some cheese cake that niall picked up from the shop. I walked to my room, Harry grabbed my wrist like he did when we first met, and said "can't we cuddle together" he said giving me the puppy dog eyes. edging me towards his room. I nodded and we walked inside.  

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