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This story is about a love, that will last??? Will she pick him or someone else??? Will her heart get broken again??? Will she ever have friends?????????????Read and find out!

This is my first movella so no hate plz! Thx for reading!


11. Dads Approval

Harry sounded a little worried that i was in a mental hospital. i told him that it wasn't for me, and to just come over here because dad wanted Harry not to know about the talk with him and dad. I think Harry might of speeded because he got here in under 5 minutes! Harry ran in, i just laughed at him. What's wrong, are you ok? he kept firing questions at me. "Im fine Harry". i said calmly. He took a deep breath. "what is it then?" he surprised me when he was calm! "dad wants to speak with you" i said holding his hand. "and you chose the mental hospital for that!" he said confused. "okay. ill explain it to you later, just talk to my dad".


I was still wondering why Jane sent me here. Jane's dad yelled from a room. "curly haired bloke! in here!" i walked in, pretty scared. "so your janes 'boyfriend' aye" he said very sarcastically. i just nodded. "okay, well obviously im in this hospital, so until i get out i need someone to look after Jane" i really felt like putting my hand up like in school, but he looked really serious for that. Jane's dad knew i did want to, so he just continued. "if you hurt my daughter one bit, i will find you and kill you alright!" i nodded, "i would never hurt Jane, i would rather hurt myself" it was pretty cheesy but the only thing i could really put together. "Janes gonna stay with you for a little while, ok. protect her like i did for all these years, she really has had a bad past." he nodded and i left. as i was walking to Jane, all i could think was what happened that was so bad, and why wasn't anyone telling me! i walked out with a smile on my face, and she ran up in piggy back position and that's how we ran to the car.

We got home and Louis came running in. "Is she alright??, Why was she in a mental hospital??!!" he said looking way to worried for a girl that he met like 2 days ago. "she's fine, and i dont know she will tell us later"... "ohh yeah shes staying with us for a couple of months" Louis face just lit up. "YAY!!!" we went on the day just normal until it became night time. Jane whispered in my ear "i can tell you guys now" i looked at her, "boys down stairs, now!!" They all rushed down.

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