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This story is about a love, that will last??? Will she pick him or someone else??? Will her heart get broken again??? Will she ever have friends?????????????Read and find out!

This is my first movella so no hate plz! Thx for reading!


21. Bad News


I walked in our room, tears filled my eyes the flashbacks were coming rapidly. The picture couldnt get out of my head. This is where it started, this is were it happened. i fell to the ground. "whats wrong Jane!!" he said rubbing my back. I couldnt take this anymore, i ran out of the room, i just needed to get away from this place. I ran out going into a chinese restaurant, i sat there crying. This man came up to me and said "would you like to order now?"."I'll just start with a water thanks" i said. he nodded and walked into the kitchen. I kept hearing my phone ring and ring it was Harry. i feel bad for running away but i dont wanna talk at the moment.


I ran after her but she took sharp corners and lost me. i looked in nearly every shop and restaurant but i couldnt find her, i rang her phone about ten times but she ignored me. What did i do? Why did she run? i was now really confused. I dont know why but i called louis, because hes my best friend and all. "Hello" louis answered."Hello, this is Harry","ohh hay harry, whats wrong?","ive lost Jane...","wait what, howd you lose Jane?", "well she walked in the apartment and started crying... i tried to reassure her and she just ran away... i tried to catch her but she was too fast!","ohh...","i know, ive looked everywhere for her but i havent found her!", "its ok... just look in a food store, they always eat ice-cream... apparently", "okay, i better go now","k good luck dude". I went to the ice-cream shop door and it had written,'refurbishing being done'. damn... i went into the next store, it was a Chinese Restaurant... no one in there either. I walked into the room and asked the guy if they sold beer, turns out they do.


i thought i didnt want everyone to see me crying so i went into the bathroom. I settled down a bit and walked out, then i saw Harry... drinking beer. I thought he wouldnt see me if i sneaked out of the door.I walked out casually leaving $5 on the table. I got out and heard "JANE!!!" from behind me. I just fell to the ground and cried. Harry came up behind me and rubbed my back "its ok" he whispered. Tears falling down my cheeks, Harry rubbed them away with his finger. "whats wrong Jane?" he asked. "well... when me and Sam were going out... he took me to a romantic weekend, he took me to this really fancy place"..."I asked sam if i could go out with a couple of friends to this night club around the corner, and i inited him too"..."but he didnt want me to go! i said because i was a stupid 15 yr old, 'im going any way"a tear rolled down my cheek. 

"Sam got something big and hard and hit me on the back of my head"... "i woke up with a terrible migrain, then i noticed i was wearing different clothes, different bra and undies... so he must've.. you know had it with me, thats what i thought anyway... then i went to the police and they had and investigation and got into the security tape.. What i thought was true.. he did". I dropped my head. Harry looked so angry and frustrated. "We tried court, but since we're not a rich family we couldnt get a good lawyer and he didnt get the time he should've" ,"he only got 2 yrs in jail and has to do Juvinile Detention for 5 yrs after he got out" i finished now still crying. "How could he do this, why did he do this?" Harry screamed with frustration. "He was drunk..." i said."the reason that i broke down in the hotel was that,that was the hotel where he hit me in the head, the one you took me to tonight, its got refurbished since last time so i didnt recognise it" i said.


I was so pissed, i got up and started punching the wall, i screamed the loudest i ever have! Jane grabbed me and told me to calm down, by now my knuckles where bleeding. I finally calmed down and walked to a different hotel.


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