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This story is about a love, that will last??? Will she pick him or someone else??? Will her heart get broken again??? Will she ever have friends?????????????Read and find out!

This is my first movella so no hate plz! Thx for reading!


23. Accident


I got off the plane with Harry by my side, chatting. We drove for 3 hrs and finally arrived home and i hugged all the boys. We all ran outside we wanting to play a game of footie. We were playing for a good 20 minutes and Niall tried getting the ball off me but instead he tripped me and i went flying, my leg landed on the drain. I screamed so loud it hurt so much.


Niall just stood there. It might be broken so i shouldnt move it to much. "niall call the ambulance" i said. i moved Jane gently off the road "on a scale from 1 to 10 how much does it hurt?" i asked. "10.. 5 milllion bizillion" she changed her answer. "they're coming" niall screamed from inside. we waited about five minutes and the ambulance arrived. We put her in there, i tagged along. The man gave her that green pen to make her feel less pain. It also makes them a little different. "you know i really love you harry" she said sounding drunk. "i love you too jane" i said laughing a little. the abulance people were doing something but i didnt even know what because they where talking in medical talk. In the middle of them doing a needle she sat up and screamed "I HATE YOU" to the doctors, they just chuckled. 

We were waiting as Janes leg was being plastered. She was asleep so i had to pick the colour. "green" i said as that was her favourite colour. I grabbed her phone out of her pocket and called her dad, her phone was ruined from her fall she had a gallaxy but it still worked a little. "hello" i started "hello" "Jane broke her leg..." i said. "what!" "sorry he fell over and.." i said felling guilty. "which hospital are you at?" he asked. "Richmond" then he hang up.


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