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This story is about a love, that will last??? Will she pick him or someone else??? Will her heart get broken again??? Will she ever have friends?????????????Read and find out!

This is my first movella so no hate plz! Thx for reading!


20. A special suprise


After we got dressed and all that, i quickly looked on the computer to see what we could do today. then i typed 'where to go snorkelling in Miami'. I found plenty of places, but the closest was South Beach Divers. I looked at Jane she didnt really know where we were going so she dressed in a casual skirt and shirt thing. I told her where we were going and she looked excited. We got down to the place, Jane didnt know what size she was in a swim suit, so she had to try on a few different ones. We went on a quite small boat, when we got to the right place we dove off back wards splashing in the water. When we got down a fair way, there was coral and fish and little sharks. We hired out a special high-tech under water camera, but only a small one. There were 4 other people with us diving. We could only last about 45 minutes under though. We came up Janes eyes sparkled with amazement.

"That was the beautifulest thing ive ever seen!" she said still on the topic of the scuba diving. "Not as beautiful as you" i said cheekily. She shot me a death look and we laughed. Then we walked to the park down the road. We walked over hand in hand, chatting about random things. Jane sat on the swing and i gently pushed it. "what do we have planned for tomorrow Mr. Styles?" she said sounding all fancy. "i dont know yet" i said. We were just standing silent for awhile until i noticed Jane shivering. "you look cold, how bout we go home now?" i said already walking away, she ran and caught up to me. We got home, Jane sighed and fell on the bed.

*A few days later*

We woke up around 10:30 am, and ate omlets. I started strumming the guitar as i was waiting for Jane to get ready. I was writing a song named 'Perfect For Me' i oviously wrote it for Jane. Today we were just going to walk around the city.I remebered, we havent even kissed yet!i think i was gonna do it today.She walked out, wearing a union Jack T-Shirt, and short-shorts, with her denim toms. We walked along the beach talking about, what subjects we like to our favourite animals then we looked at eachother, I lent in for a kiss and she lent in too, we kissed and there were sparks, we pulled out of it and just kept walking. We finaly got to the road, when we passed a skate park. Jane really wanted to watch them, so we did. This one guy tried to do a slide on the railing and fell off. Me and Jane were in histerics. He came over to us, looking like a 'bad boy' and said "can you do better?" looking pretty pissed.

Jane looked at me, "if i had a board i'd show you how its done!"i said, still giggling. He put the board in front of my face."if you brake it, you have to pay for it" he said. i nodded and walked a few feet away from the railing. i petaled over and jumped on the railing doing a few turns on it.The guy that owned the board put his hand out to shake, i took it and he patted me on the back and said "that was pretty cool". Jane looked at me confused, "what was all that, your so good!"she said."i wasnt that good... When i was like 12 till about 15 i did skateboard competions and lessons" i said looking down.

*a few hours later*

At this point we were about 4 hours out of Miami, because we took buses and taxis everywhere.It was about 7:30 pm and the breeze was freezing and we were only outside a pub. I decided because we had to wait about an hour to get a taxi, that we would just go to a nearby hotel. We walked in, it was very fancy. "This place looks really familiar".

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