The Five Senses

Entry for the title cover competition. My very first movella, just trying something new. Ideas on what you think about the cover would be awesome. Have a good time reading (y)


1. The Cover

The girl is shown closing her eyes and sticking her nose upwards towards the the leaves. The dark visual colors give the picture the effect of looking surreal and deep dream like. The deep vibrant colors help the woman's visuals look much more amplified as more beautiful and stunning. Her eyes are closed so that the audience can see she is taking in the nature with every ounce of her soul and is becoming with one with nature. The dark green leaves compliment the black dark shadow to show the visual sense of the world becoming darker and surreal as she closes her eyes. In conclusion this cover is supposed to represent the well-being and urban like beauty within the woman's soul and how the beauty/ nature around her can all stop at a standstill so that she may have a moment of taking all of god's creation in.

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