Things that are annoying

We feel like there are things in the world that are so annoying you just can't ignore so we just have to write about them and how annoying they are. Every couple days or whenever we will post 5 things(going with the theme) that annoy us and you can comment if you agree or not and comment if you have an idea for the next week(don't judge grammar or spelling).


12. Jan. 20- Things I'm bad at

Topic- Things I'm bad at

Hey guys! So there are some things in the world that everyone thinks should be easy, but I'm just terrible at. It's so annoying! I hope you agree that you can't do them or I will feel stupid.

1. Okay so you know when you have a spiral and you have to rip out the paper to get a piece of lose leaf. Well I am EXTREMELY bad at ripping that. The paper ends up ripping in half or having a wave edge. No matter how much time I send carefully ripping it, it doesn't work. I've even tried folding it first, no it just doesn't work.

2. The next thing I'm bad at is painting with water colors. Okay you don't understand how bad I am at this. I carefully dip the brush in water then in the paint. Then I carefully stroke the brush on the paper. But like the stroke turns out really bad do I try to cover it up. Doesn't work. Ugh it's so annoying. I love art and my art teacher usually compliments my projects. He was laughing when he saw my water color project.

3. Another thing I'm bad at doing hair. You must think I'm awesome at hair because I'm a girl. Yeah right. I can barely braid hair and I don't know how to curl hair. My pony tails and buns are terrible they fall out so easy. I can barely pull my bangs back so I prefer short hair. I'm going to cut it short again soon anyway so who cares, but when I play volleyball it's all in my face. I would not be here today without hair spray.

4. I am terrible at anything musical. If I sing its like people just tell me to shut up then and there. If I play a musical instrument I can never get the right timing of the beats. I do not understand the scales in music whatsoever. My dancing to music is really, really bad. I'm just not skilled what so ever in that art.

5. I am terrible at understanding space. I'm not even going to go into it I just don't get it. If I go into it we will be here for hours.

Thanks for reading! Next chapter: Bragging

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