Things that are annoying

We feel like there are things in the world that are so annoying you just can't ignore so we just have to write about them and how annoying they are. Every couple days or whenever we will post 5 things(going with the theme) that annoy us and you can comment if you agree or not and comment if you have an idea for the next week(don't judge grammar or spelling).


4. Dec.8-Fan Fictions

Theme- Fan Fiction

Fan fictions have taken over movellas. Also, most books on the Internet. I LOVE fan fics. I think it's because they are characters you already know all about so they appeal to you. Honestly, they are some of the only books i read on this cite. They can be very entertaining if done good. They can be very irritating though. Here are some annoying things about them (I'm probably going to use one direction fan fics as examples).

1. I hate when they are so cliche. It's like you know EXACTLY what's going to happen. Half of the one direction fan fics I read are like this: A member of the band meets a girl. They fall in love in a day and stay together for two weeks. Then, they say they will be together forever. Straightly after the member of 1D cheats on Her.She is heartbroken. Then they make up. Then the stories keep getting comments saying to update so they start adding random junk that makes the story worse like someone cheating on the other again or someone getting hut by a car. I'm fine with those car crashes, but for one direction fan fictions they are over used.

2. Another thing that's bugs me about fan fics are that they are creepy. Like imagine going online sometime, like a normal human, you see a book and you decide to read. THAT BOOK HAPPENS TO BE ABOUT YOU. YOU FALLING IN LOVE, YOUR STRUGGLES, YOU DYING, OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. And the stuff is not true, but you personality is like you. I personally, would be freaked out. I guess if I was a star(not saying I'm not) I would be kinda used to the fact people are obsessed with me. Don't get me wrong though I obsessed with starts too.

3. I hate when the topic of fan fic is so overused. Just because the rest of the cite is writing them you don't have to.

4. I hate when fan fics take things too far. Like I love the one direction fan fics, but someone are gross and its really creepy. Also someone have a one direction member getting hurt very bad or dying.

5. I hate when people dream too much about being in the fan fic. I mean seriously no offense, but its probably never gonna happen. Sorry to let you down. ;(

Thanks for reading and commenting. Sorry for the last 3 reasons being short!

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