Things that are annoying

We feel like there are things in the world that are so annoying you just can't ignore so we just have to write about them and how annoying they are. Every couple days or whenever we will post 5 things(going with the theme) that annoy us and you can comment if you agree or not and comment if you have an idea for the next week(don't judge grammar or spelling).


3. Dec.7-Lying


Lying is something that is so common. Everyone lies at least once a day. I hate things about lying even though lying is so useful. Some people lie in good ways and some in bad. I'm going to talk about the bad.

1. I hate when you lie to make someone feel good about clothes. Unless the person is totally is love with the clothes they want your opinion on, you should not lie. Like if your at the mall and your friend picks out an ugly shirt. She is unsure whether she likes it or not. You have to tell her straight there before she does something stupid like buying it. Don't do anything mean like.... GIRL, PUT THAT UGLY THING DOWN! Or THAT SHIRT IS NOT YOUR COLOR. Say something like... That is shirt okay, but look at the one or here! Or you should look at more clothes before you decide on one. If you are in a situation where she says she loves a really ugly shirt say... That shirt is... Wait! Is that one direction over there?!?!? (Any celebrity will due) Or say oh look over there then slowly slip away. Hey it's kinda rude but its better then knowing you just made your friend spend $20 on a shirt that's not worth it.

2. I hate when people lie to you ad you ask if there lying and they say no even if you totally know they are. If they are obviously joking then its okay but seriously unless they have a LEGIT reason you should be kinda mad. Like if they are protecting someone else it's okay.

3. I get annoyed when people lie about something so obviously fake. Like they say... Oh yesterday my car set on fire then my mom tried to stop it by throwing the cat on the car. ??????? It's like sureeeeeee. Go tell someone who cares and believes.

4. I hate when you have to lie if two of your friends ask to hang out. You want to say yes to both, but you can't go to both of their houses. You'd think the logical thing is to not hang out with either, but come on. You don't want to stay home alone and look at forever alone stuff on the Internet. So you have to lie to one of your friends. It hurts yourself to lie to them more then it hurts them.

5. I hate when people lie to sound better then you. Like if something amazing happened to you and you tell your friends, there's always that one friend that wants to upstage you and she tries to tell a better story about the same topic. It's almost like you know their lying but you want to keep your friendship so you let it go.

Thanks for reading! Leave your comments on what you think us annoying and if you thought these were annoying.

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