Things that are annoying

We feel like there are things in the world that are so annoying you just can't ignore so we just have to write about them and how annoying they are. Every couple days or whenever we will post 5 things(going with the theme) that annoy us and you can comment if you agree or not and comment if you have an idea for the next week(don't judge grammar or spelling).


2. Dec.2-Movies

Theme- Movies

Yesterday I watched the movie Brave. A great movie(should be rated PG-13 for nudity). There were some flaws or parts that annoyed me which made me think of other parts in movies that annoy me. So this chapter's topic is things that are annoying about movies(each annoying thing I will try to relate to something in Brave as an example, good or bad).

WARNING: Brave spoilers

1. It annoys me deeply when movies have a random scene where a character runs in the woods. It is so overused and boring. It is fine to me when the story is based off of something in the forest, but weird encounters in the woods are(forgive me for using this) LAME!(I hate that word) in the Hunger Games they had that weird part where they saw that air ship and in Harry Potter they had that weird spider part. I mean those helped contribute to the story, but they are so overused. In Brave I got really sad where I saw the weird forest scene, but then since it become a top setting I was fine.

2. I hate it when characters talk to themselves out loud. NOBODY TALKS GO THEMSELVES!!! They may whisper things or sing songs, but seriously every timely figure something out you don't state it out loud when your in a group or alone. It is different when you are saying something to someone. In Brave, when she realizes she can fight for her own hand in marriage she talks to herself. The worst part is that no one was listening. If I heard or saw someone talking to themselves I would say, "What?" Or something to remind them they aren't alone. It just doesn't make sense.

3. Thirdly, it annoys me in movies when they say I love you to someone they just met in the past week. What they mean to say is something like, "I like you." See? They are mixing up what like and love mean. And sometimes they will die for that person. It's like hold on... You value a person's life you have just met, more then your own?? I know that sounds selfish, but its the total truth. I like in Brave how she ends up not falling in love with anyone. Is it just me or did you want to high five her and say you go girl?

4. I hate in movies when you can't clearly see the lesson or their is so much confusion on what the lesson is. I like it sometimes, but others its just annoying. In Brave, the lesson was suppose to be something about being brave, but really she wasn't that brave. This is the lesson I got: Don't be an idiot ad change your mom into a bear because then your father will try to kill her. Okay fine I got a bigger lesson then that, but being brave isn't the lesson. It is wrongly titled. The lesson is to not take your parents for granted(don't hate me if its wrong its what I got from it) or something like you can choose you own destiny. I hate that there's too many lessons and the one Disney is trying to throw at you is wrong.

5. Lastly I hate movies that leave you with cliffhangers, especially when they are awesome until the end. You just stare at the screen like a maniac when it turns black at the end waiting for the answer to what happens. Then for days you plan out scenarios of what could happen. You also go on online everyday to hear updates on if their will be a sequel. It is soooooo annoying! Brave ended with no cliffhangers other then you wondering if she will ever get married. Watch! I bet there will be Brave2 showing her find love.

Thanks guys for reading. Thank you to Brave a good movie. Leave comments if you agree and leave comments for ideas for themes:)!!

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