Things that are annoying

We feel like there are things in the world that are so annoying you just can't ignore so we just have to write about them and how annoying they are. Every couple days or whenever we will post 5 things(going with the theme) that annoy us and you can comment if you agree or not and comment if you have an idea for the next week(don't judge grammar or spelling).


6. Dec.15-Promises


Hey guys. Since its been a week since I posted a chapter besides the one today I am going to post another one. Still sick ahh. Okay so over the past 2 years I have this one friend who really doesn't understand this topic. PROMISES! It's like it's not in her dictionary! She always lies and breaks her promises to me and my other friend. It's so irritating. Then whenever I confront her she just randomly breaks down begging me to forgive her. Then of course I do because we have been best friends since second grade so I feel like I have to be her friend. Like here is the last example of what she did: In the beginning of the week she texts me and my friend, "Lets have a sleepover Friday!" I haven't hung out with her in like a month or two so I'm like yeah that sounds fun. Then half way through the week me and my friend texted her to ask which house she wants to go to. Then all of the sudden she's like idk if I can do that Friday, hb Saturday? And since she didn't ask before about Saturday I had plans and I told her I couldn't that day then she's like okay maybe Friday I have to see. Then the day before we ask the same question and she says she can't. It's like what the heck, but I understand because sometimes you think you can hang but your parents say no. Cause then when I was leaving school she was going home with like 6 other people. I was upset, but I thought they might just not have a sleepover so she's not really lying. So this morning I get a text from my other friend explaining that my friend who lied had a sleepover with someone else. I honestly should have seen this coming cause it happens all the time I'm not even kidding. Now enough of my long rant here are somethings that annoy me about promises.

1. I hate when people tell you that they will do something then they don't. Then you ask them why they didn't do it and their only response is well I didn't promise. Dude it's like that's just lying to their face and that is not a good excuse. When people say they will do something they should! It doesn't matter if they promise or not.

2. I hate when people tell you promises they can't keep. It's just a flat out lie.

3. I hate when people promise to keep a secret, but then they tell everyone! It's so annoying you think you could trust them then they go disappoint you and then everyone knows something embarrassing about you.

4. It's annoying when people ask you to do something and you say maybe and they just say promise? It's like I wouldn't promise I would do it if my answer is maybe.

5. Lastly, I when tell someone a promise they have to keep their end of the promise. Without that the promise is useless.

Thanks for reading. Sorry for my rant it just inspired to write about this topic

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