Never talk again

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3. Memories

Amber p.o.v.
I can't believe he saw. Why did he have to bring me here I just wanted to die.
Harry: why?
I typed on my phone " I hate me life I just want to die. I don't like living in the orphanage, not knowing why my parents dumped me there and DON'T say sorry for beating me because your not the first ones to do it to me! I know I'm un wanted in loved in cared for. Next time just let me be happy and die!!!" This next part confuses me because he yelled damn it and smashed a vais making jump and making me tear up a bit. I wrote " why do you care any ways. It's not like you like me."
Harry: yes I do. I hate to admit it but I do I like you a lot. I don't know why I ever beat you up but-
He cut him self of by kissing me. It was so magical I could see fire works every where. He slowly slid his young along my bottom lip askin for entrance but I wassent ready for that yet but he placed his warm hand on my cheek breaking my burrier. I don't know how long we were kissing for but we heared a cough as if someone was trying to get our attention.
Liam: harry can I speak to you? In private? Oh oh
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