Never talk again

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1. I'll never talk again

i woke up in the morning I got dressed did my bright blue hair and left the orphanage. Yes my parents left me when I was borne saying I was un wanted un loved ever since I was told that I never talked again.
I walked to school and went to my locker right as if on que my biggest bullie Harry styles slammed me to the ground and kicked me...his friends came over and joined hi Liam payne zany Malik Louis Tomlinson and Niall horan,I was kicked and punched untell I passed out with a smile in my face hoping I was dead...the only only thing that was going through my head was my fav song fallen angels by black veil brides..... We are bored to death in heaven...all alone in hell...we only want to be ourselffs......

Nialls p.o.v.

Shit.....she passed out and there was lots of blood.... Shit. Shit. Shit!'!!!!!
Niall: shit..she passed out.....what should we do?.....this was too far.....

Harry styles p.o.v.
Niall was right but I bust out laughing at how helpless she was, And, And she had a smile on her face


Me: what she just looks zoo helpless it's funny! But Niall was right let's ake her to the hospital then maybe that bitch will finally talk to me!

Zayn: is that what this is al about? Getting her to talk to you? Really HAZZ what do u love her?
I don't I......oh no....I do.....l

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