Never talk again

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4. Goodbye

amber P.O.V
I was thinking of what just happened between Harry and I, i know what he does to the other girls. He leads them on crushes then hurts them....... No...I will NOT be the next girl. I will not! The nurse came in and told me I could go home, I sunk out with out the boys noticing they are sill talking, like they have been for the past ten mins. I head Harry say something like 'im just playing her' I think. I don't know but I think...I ran past all of them with tears in my eyes from what I just heard.... Damn I'm zoo could I be so stupid. I ran back to the basement to the orphanage, I locked the door. There is only one thing that can make me I blast my music 'we stitch these wounds' by black veil brides, I also pull out my knife.... Guess what happens next... I heard loud banging..... I mean like loud I went to the door and unlocked it, expecting it to be my only friend, I dident bother cleaning the blood cause she's so used to seeing the blood. I opened the door to see.... Non other then THE Harry styles him self alon with his tag I slammed the door in his face and looked it. That's it I'm done. Good bye world, good bye pain. Good bye. I took the knife to my neck, switched the song to black paraid by my chemical romance, I touched my thought with the knife and slowly applied pressure when BAM.
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