I've Moved On

When Eleanor and Louis break up things get crazy. Louis meets a new girl that just moved in across the street, and that is when he falls in love. Eleanor gets jealous and try's to win Louis back. When all of a sudden Louis's friends come to meet this new girl, She falls for Niall.


4. Twisted words

Audrey's POV
Oh geez... This is not going to end well.
"Audrey, ZAYN, were you two about to..........?"
Think. Think, c'mon I've been all over the world!
" well ZAYN and I were planning a special surprise for someone since he was sooooo down about his breakup, but someone had to ruin the surprise by barging in!"
Relief spread through his face. I wonder why, he doesn't like me. Right?
"Oh sorry. Do you guys still want to watch a movie?"
"Um.. Sure we will be right down." I said
Finally louis went downstairs pretty much skipping.
"Were you that embarrassed to lie like that?" ZAYN asked.
"What do you mean?"
"Never mind." He started to leave.
"Wait! Where are you going?"
"Going for a walk." Then he just left. Man! That dude is unpredictable. I was trying hard not to cry and I started to run out of the room when I ran into something and fell. I looked up.
"Audrey are you ok?"
"Ummmmmm..... Yeah I just uhhhhhhhh... Allergies!"
"Then why are you crying?"
"Ummm......." Crap! How am I going to hide that. Wait! When did I start crying? Niall suddenly leaned down so he can look me in the eyes.
"What happened? I want you to be able to trust me."
"Um I told you... I have allergies?" I could barely breathe. He was so close to me. He gave me a sad smile and handed me a tissue.
"Feel better," he said walking away.
Oh no, now he hates me too.

Niall POV
She has such beautiful eyes. It breaks my heart to see her so sad. Why won't she tell me? I want to protect her, the last thing I want to do is hurt her. I dunno why I feel this way but I just do. This is making me hungry... "Hey, guys? I'm gonna go to Nando's! See ya."

Audrey's POV
The hot water washed over my face. I needed to clear my mind and Harry had walked me to my house. I'm pretty sure he left already. I ran my fingers through my hair and rubbed shampoo into my scalp. I closed my eyes and relaxed. Before I knew it I started to sing Impossible by Shontelle. I got out of the shower a few minutes later and went into my room. I put on some grey sweatpants, leg warmers, a black T-shirt, and a blue Michael Buble hoodie. I went downstairs and found Harry in the Kitchen drinking Orange Crush. Strangely, he reminded me of someone.
"You remind me of someone I use to know..." He tensed up and froze.

Harry POV
It's her. It's the only girl I loved. I loved her from the moment I knew how to love. I hope she's not mad at me when she figures out its me. She still has a beautiful voice. I don't think I've seen her in seven years and we're both nineteen now.
"Styles! Harry Styles you still in there?" I hear Liam yell and knock on Audrey's door. "Oh crap! Audrey I'm so sorry!" I say to Audrey before sprinted out of the room in tears without saying a single word.
"Umm. Harry did I interrupted something?" Liam asked as I stormed passed him.

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