I've Moved On

When Eleanor and Louis break up things get crazy. Louis meets a new girl that just moved in across the street, and that is when he falls in love. Eleanor gets jealous and try's to win Louis back. When all of a sudden Louis's friends come to meet this new girl, She falls for Niall.


1. The Break Up

Harry's POV

It has been two days since Eleanor and Louis broke up. Louis just stays in his bedroom all day with puffy red eyes from crying. As you could tell Louis really liked Eleanor. Eleanor just didn't think it was working out. Now Louis is frusterated and really upset. It is really hard for Louis because, he really thought Eleanor was the one and the only one that would actually stay with him. 

Eleanor's POV

It's was really hard for me to break up with Louis, but he was just too famous and I couldn't stand it for even one more minute! I feel bad for Louis, but it was for the best.

Louis's POV

I just don't get it, I mean me and Eleanor were just perfect for each other. Here she goes saying that she doesn't want to be my girlfriend anymore. What the heck was she thinking. She didn't exactly tell me the full reason on why things weren't going well, but you know it just happens. At least I Still have my friends to support me, but now when i'm not on tour I just sit in my bedroom all day long. I felt really bad and missed her so much so I decided to call her and ask her why she broke up with me.

*ring ring ring*


"Hey Eleanor I know we broke up, but you never told me the reason why."

"Louis I don't have time for this."

Then she just hung up! I put my face into my hands and started to cry again. Soon after I heard the boys shouting about a new girl in the neighborhood. Oh great a girl. They pulled me out of my room and we all went across the street to meet her. As we get to the new girls house we all introduce ourselves and welcome her to the neighborhood.

"Hi, i'm Zayn the vain one."

"Hello love I'm Niall. Do you have any food i'm starving!"

"Hello babe i'm Liam the calm and sensible one."

"Hi beautiful i'm Harry............ The flirt."

"Hello love, i'm Louis. Do you like carrots?"

Her name was Audrey. I started thinking to myself "maybe it is time to move on from Eleanor, and maybe try some new things." 


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