All The Lies

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1. A Family Reunion

The crisp cold air nipped at my skin like a light rainfall. Dan was right, I did need a jacket. But no matter, the president’s study must be warm.
Ever since the outbreak, the president was moved to a ‘secret’ military base somewhere off in Iowa. It looked just like an old high security military base, but truly it was filled with high tech security people, gadgets, and things far beyond describing. I guess you could say I ‘found my ways’ of how to get in there. But no matter, I had family inside the base.
I’m sure they’ll be just delighted to see me.
I reloaded and readied my gun, a desert eagle, and walked to the entrance of the inner room. Two guards stood there, fully armored and ready. “What is your business here?” One demanded more than he asked. I sighed and looked at him
“I couldn’t have possibly gotten past all the guards if they didn’t see my reason here, why must I prove my worth to you?” I said in a snotty attitude, sometimes it will work. Sometimes it’ll backfire completely and I’m left with some angry people.
He kept his gun tracked on me “state your business”
I frowned, perhaps these guards are not as dumb as I thought. They are after all, the president’s guards.
I just sighed and looked sincere “I am a scientist, I need to inform him of an important breakthrough.
The two men looked at each other questioningly then back at me. “You don’t have lab gear on, or at least a nametag. You have nothing to qualify you as an employee here, tell us who you are and leave peacefully or face the consequences.”
I sighed again. Looks like we’re playing the big girl way. I had three choices here, A. Kill them, alerting the whole entire base. B. Gas them, though it may fail due to their high tech uniforms. C. Walk away and wait for some dumb guards. Or D. Act like I’m dying and hope they’ll come to my aid.
I was a pretty decent actor in my school years, even starred in a few plays. But could I pull it off? And if I did, what would I do then? Have them take me to some professional private doctor who could see past my lies with a glance? And then what?
“We are giving you five minutes to leave now.” His voice was cold and harsh.
I fell, coughing and thrashing. With a swift movement I also managed to grab a small vial of sleeping gas from my belt, enclosing it loosely in my hand.
The men rushed to my side and as quick as I could manage, I threw the vial right in one of their faces. Before it could spread to me, I zipped past him and opened the door silently, smirking at the passed out men before I entered.
The study was dark with the exception of a candle lit on a side desk in the corner. A man with dark brown hair and fair colored skin sat there, writing documents. He seemed oblivious to my presence, but not for long.
I cleared my throat and he turned around, dark circles nested under his eyes. “Who are you miss?” His voice asked me kindly, he had not changed much.
“Come on, you know me.” I was younger when he first saw me, very young. Fifteen before I ran away from home. I was twenty now. Almost twenty-one.
He reached for a remote and pushed a big green button, and the room lit up nicely.
“Allison...?” His face lit up and he stood.
“It’s me daddy.” I smiled faintly
He smiled and ran forward, hugging me tightly “where have you been?!”
I shrugged and hugged back “places.”
“Please, sit down. I’ll order some coffee, you drink coffee? My Allison it’s been so long!” He gestured me to a beautiful couch and walked to his desk, pushing a button “Jane, bring two coffees please, one peppermint flavored. The other my normal.”
“Right away sir.”
I smiled and sat down, I always loved peppermint.
He looked at me and smiled, walking over and sitting across from me.
We talked about mother and how work has been for him. He’s currently working on the outbreak of zombies in Davenport, Iowa. No one knows why, or at least no one
claims to know.
A petite woman in a pretty black skirt and white blouse came and set the tray of coffee beside us. “Is that all sir?”
My father nodded and waved her off and handed me a coffee labeled ‘peppermint’.
I set it down and thanked him, waiting for it to cool down.
He drank his and sloppily set it down “I feel woozy...”
“In what way?”
He stood “I...I need...” he started walking to the bathroom and vomited all over the floor.
I stood at once “father you need to lay down, I’ll call Jane.”
He fell down and I rushed to his desk, finding a button labeled ‘secretary’s office’. Pushing it, I looked over at the vomit, which seemed hauntingly alive.
“Hello? Mister President?”
“Yes, this is Allison, his daughter. He needs-” Something ripped me away from the button, growling and snarling.
I hit it off me and turned around “d-dad?!”
Parasites were slowly eating away at his flesh, his jaw hung open and he growled, his skin slowly turning a eerie green.
I tried to run but ran into a hard wall and stumbled, my head ringing.
He inched closer to me, his footsteps uncoordinated.
I just couldn’t move...



“David! Get your sorry ass over here!”

I sighed and walked over to Commander Mason, he was in a pissy mood. Again.
“Listen to this message thing Jane sent us!” He pressed a button that played the president’s intercom to his secretary.
A few seconds of silence was first, then Jane spoke; “Hello? Mister President?”
Then a woman replied, she sounded young and frantic. “Yes, this is Allison, his daughter. He needs-” Then it stopped.
“Go find out what the president needs and if this is really Allison.”
I nodded and grabbed my gun and slipped on a bullet proof jacket, then began walking there.
“Run boy! This could be serious!” He snapped at me.
I broke into a swift run, the office wasn’t too far from the control center, but it’d take about fifteen minutes.
The hallway leading up to it was cold, and I could see the barrel of a gun sticking out of his entryway. Getting closer, I noticed two guards laying on the ground, knocked out cold. One guard had little shards of glass in his face. Whoever broke in must’ve been skilled.
I opened the door carefully and the stench hit me. It was a mixture of coffee, meat, and blood.
I looked inside, my gun ready. I saw vomit in the middle of the room, and in the corner a girl was there, frightened. In front of her was... the president...?
He was missing small patches of flesh and his skin was turning a green. His jaw hung far open and he was shuffling towards her.
The girl looked just like the first lady, Anna Giannetti, but she had some of the president’s features. I immediately concluded that she was their daughter, Allison.
I rushed forward and jumped over the desk, shoving him down before he could touch her. I looked at her frantically “what’s wrong with him!?”
“I don’t know! He just drank some coffee and got sick!”
The president groaned and snarled, trying to bite me.
I growled at her “get out! Go to your mother Allison!”
She nodded and ran, and I caught a glimpse of her belt. It had vials of gas and small needles, as well as a desert eagle. And on the back there were four throwing knives and two big ones.
I looked at the president and back at her while she left. That couldn’t have been Allison, Allison couldn’t possibly be that skilled in those things. I remember Allison ever since she was thirteen, her father and my father were close friends in law school. So she and I met often, but never for long. As soon as I was of age, I started serving him. He and I were close friends and talked often before his election. I even helped him with it, and he gave me advice about girls I met, obviously trying to get me to stay away from Allison.
Allison was clumsy and scatterbrained, but she was really nice. I still wonder what happened to her when she ran away...
The president growled and looked up at me, a little bit of him still in his eyes. I knew what I had to do. I put my gun to his head and looked into his eyes “I’m so sorry sir...” and fired. The bullet taking all I could trust...

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