For the cover photo competition. Ive never won a competition and I would highly appreciate it if you could support this entry :) Tell me what you think of it, thanks


1. Crossroads Introduction (cover)

Break ups and divorces not only affects the two people who its happening to but the people around them. This cover is to portray how a girl is caught in the crossfire of both her parents and even though she may seem normal to them, on the inside she is getting beaten and bruised by the words hurled between her parents and the anger that they have towards eachother. To give an idea of what I am trying to say here is a snippet of a moment in her life where everything to her becomes useless and irrelevant.

Its seven now im guessing since the sky is an urban dark blue. I can hear them going on still. Its been hours and they still haven't stopped it. People still try and comfort me by saying "everything will be alright dear" but I am seriously over that wall since I know they're just trying to be nice. Why do people rant about love if it makes them become bitter and unaware of the people around them? I guess im one of the irrelevant factors of their life since im now supposedly the breed of a relationship made by the devil. My mums going to move to England and my dads staying here but they both want me. Why the heck would they want the person who shares the same blood as the bitch who helped them pretend to believe that love was eternal? I am no longer human, im just an item, an object, a necessity which both of them believes has the right to take me away from my happy and normal lifestyle. They're both without noticing tearing me apart from the inside out. I know im not the only one that notices that I am slowly changing. My friends and mates have strayed away since they don't want to get involved and im even starting to become a different person. At 15 you would think my eyes would be wide open searching for something new to do but to break it down into a fragment of my life im just a blind snake slithering on my belly as I am treaded on. The radiance of a child is leaving my soul as well since I can see my brown dark hair becoming a more brittle, hay color and my skin becoming creased with jabs of scars from memories and time. People say scars always heals like a band-aid spread unto a sore but what do they think? Speaking falsehood does no one justice including if you end up on the receiving end of torment and pain. I know I am at a crossroad but this seems to be a path which I am not gonna try and overtake. Walls and barriers can be walked around and avoided but crossroads only gives you a few options which always leads towards something that will change you. Im human and all I want is to be alone... this is something that I will never breathe a word of since pity and sorrow is something that I don't need. Although the world is my home my home I feel that im being chained to something. Its locked me on a roller-coaster and I cannot stop to breathe or think about what is going on. If there is a god, please find me comfort, find me peace, find me answers and show me if there is any such thing as 'love'.

Thank you for reading. Comment on what you thought if you have the time and liking this entry would be much appreciated.


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