Loving is simple, Love is not

Darcy was simple, she had school, homework, friends and a non complicated life, that is until she arrived at a university for the performing arts in London, England.
She knew she would have roommates but she didn't expect them to be the most popular boy band of the UK, One Direction. Will she adjust from fangirl to normal? Will she find that one of the boys will fall for her? Will she expect it to be a certain tousled haired Doncaster boy? What will she do when another boy with curly locks also falls hard for her?


5. You

Louis's POV

"What just happened???" Liam looked at us as Harry sat back down confused.

"I have absolutely no idea..." I say and the others shrug and we go back to our meal and no less than a minute later there's a rough knock on the door.

"Are we expecting anyone?" Niall asked curiously as Zayn got up to answer the door.

"Hello??" I hear Zayn ask/say.

"Is this where Darcy Brooke Adams lives??" A man with a deep voice asked in broken English. 

"Yes....." Zayn answered hesitantly.

"GET HIM!!!" I hear the same guy yell and then I hear Zayn yelp and we all pushed our chairs out and rushed around to see about seven burly looking guys in our doorway and one of them had Zayn in a headlock. I could see Zayn's face turning blue and I started to panic.

"AHHH!!!!!" I hear a noise from beside me and then see Niall launch himself at the big guy holding Zayn, surprising him enough to make him drop Zayn and let him crawl to safety.

"todos eles a continuación, atopar a nena!!" (Translation: "get them all then find the girl!!")the one who I supposed was the leader yelled and all the burly men start to run towards us and I turn and grab the chair behind me and hit it upside one of their heads while Liam was fighting with one and had a bloody fist. Niall was trying to bite one to let him go, Harry was throwing random things off the bookshelf like candles, and vases that managed to make one of the guys dizzy while Zayn fought one off with a (I don't know why we had it,) fencing sword.

"Ficar coa moza!!!!!" (Translation: GET THE GIRL!!!!!) one of them yelled and another ran towards the stairs and I left the guy in front of me as he was running straight towards the stairs, towards Darcy.

"DARCY!!!" I yelled as I took the stairs two at a time as the boys rushed after me with the other six guys hot on their tails.

"STOP YOU STUPID BOY!!!!" yelled a guy behind me with a thick accent. I ignored him and got to the guy just as he broke down her door.

"BLOODY HELL!!!" I heard her yell then I saw something hit the guy in his face and I turned and grabbed Niall, who grabbed Zayn, who tried to grab Harry but missed, and pulled them into her room with me as I turned the lock and heard Harry yell.

"BRING IT FOOL!!!" I winced as I heard a fist collide with something.

"DARCY!!" I yell and run towards her as Niall grabbed the phone from her hand and dialed 999 (UK's 911).

"Who the bloody fuck are they!!!!?????!!!!" she yelled and I tried to calm her but the door started to shake and we ran in to the bathroom and Zayn locked the door behind us as Niall finished his call with 999. We looked through the supplies Darcy had in there and we found two hairspray bottles and some nail polish remover, as well as some pepper spray.

"THEIR IN THERE!!!" we heard one yell and the others yell in that weird language again and then we heard sirens.

"eles atoparon-nos! fóra xa!" (Translation: they found us!!! out now!!!)one yelled in the language again and we heard a gun shot. 

"LIAM!!!" we heard Harry yell and then we burst out to see the last guys coat whip around the windows corner. I saw Liam on the floor with blood spurting out of what looked like a deep wound in his right shoulder.

"Oh no!!! LIAM!!!" Darcy yelled in tears as she dropped to her knees and started to cry as Liam coughed and had what looked like a badly beaten face. As she started to cry we heard yelling downstairs.

"HELP!!!! HELP, WE'RE UP HERE!!!!!!!!!!" Harry yelled as he grabbed one of Darcy's shirts off the ground and tried to stop the bleeding by putting pressure on the wound.

"Are *cough*, they *cough, cough* g-gone??" Liam asked coughing up blood and Darcy started to shake.

"Yes! Your going to be fine!! I promise Liam!!" she said as the police burst in to the room.

"MOVE!!" one of the paramedics yelled shoving Darcy and Harry out of the way to get to Liam. I caught Darcy before she hit the floor and the paramedics picked up Liam and rushed off as Darcy sobbed in to my shoulder. 

"What did the want???!!!!" she asked in between sobs on my shoulder and we all looked at each other with wide eyes.


A/N: PLOT TWIST!!!!!! MUHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Sorry I reallllllly needed something to write about in the story and my brain came up with this!!!! Oh and the language they are speaking is Galician which is spoken in Galicia which is in north-west Spain!!!!

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