Loving is simple, Love is not

Darcy was simple, she had school, homework, friends and a non complicated life, that is until she arrived at a university for the performing arts in London, England.
She knew she would have roommates but she didn't expect them to be the most popular boy band of the UK, One Direction. Will she adjust from fangirl to normal? Will she find that one of the boys will fall for her? Will she expect it to be a certain tousled haired Doncaster boy? What will she do when another boy with curly locks also falls hard for her?


3. Unexpected, unwanted

Darcy's POV

"Have fun!! Don't forget my pretzel!!" Niall yells at Louis and I as I slip on my uggs and we head out the door for Louis car and the mall. We walk out side and Lou slips on a beanie and some sun glasses and I laugh.

"What??? Do I look funny??" Louis asks questioningly and I just shake my head and keep laughing.

"Nope, it's just you always wear THAT beanie and THOSE sunglasses, so all directioners know it's you." I say simply as we climb in to his Porsche. We sit in silence for most of the drive.

"So Darcy, you don't sound like your from around here..." Louis said breaking the awkward silence.

"I'm not, I'm was raised for most of my life in America but I'm naturally Canadian." I say and Louis nods.

"Why did you leave Canada?" He asked curiously.

"Well my dad died when I was six and then my mom married Stan and we moved to LA." I say sadly, "we go back to Canada often but I do miss living there..." I sigh and Louis goes quiet.

"Well!!! I'm from Doncaster!!! Not that you didn't know that..." He says and I laugh as we pull up at the mall. As we walk in I stop him.

"What's wrong??" I pull out my phone and show him a picture of my 'to do list'. His eyes widened.

"You wanna do this???" He asked and I nodded.

"Now watch..." I say and then run in to H&M. "WHAT YEAR IS IT???!!!???" I yell and they all stare at me.

"2012..." An old lady said politely.

"IT WORKED!!!" I yell and run out to Louis who's doubled over laughing.

"Omg!!" He wheezed out as we walked towards the back of the mall.

"Acting!!" I say happily as we went in to a store with really pretty dresses. 3 hours later we're heading back to Louis car our arms loaded with bags. I didn't want anything but Louis insisted on buying me a LOT of clothing and I only let him pay for half of it.

"I don't want you spending money on me Louis!!" I had said at him as he bought me four expensive dresses I really didn't need or want.

"Nonesense!! I scared you for life!!" He said as it was our turn.

"Fine!!! Only if you let me pay for half of it!!" I said as he took out his credit card.

"Dar-" Louis had started to say but I had cut him off.

"Only way ill let you buy me clothing!!" I said and he had sighed in defeat as I smiled like the Cheshire Cat.

"Darcy! Darcy!! You ok??" Lou asked startling me out of my day dream.

"Yep!! Did we get Niall a pretzel??" I asked remembering the blonde boy yelling at us.

"Yep!! Right here!!" Louis said pulling out a white bag with a pretzel in it. I laughed as we pulled up in front of our dorms. Grabbing all of the bags we stumbled in me laughing at him as he started to mutter curses as he constantly dropped bags. As we walked in everyone turned and looked at us worried expressions on their faces.

"What's wrong??" Louis asked dropping the bags by the door.

"Eleanor stopped by..." Niall said his usual cheerfulness gone as he looked scared. Louis paled and I looked between them.

"How's that a problem?? Aren't you two dating??" I ask skeptically and Louis looks at me with a sudden burning hatred in his eyes.

"Not after I found out she was cheating on me!" He yelled then sank in the couch and covered his face and started to cry.

"Oh, I'm sorry Lou..." I say as Liam sits beside him and rubs circles on his back. Louis looks up his eyes puffy and smiles slightly.

"It's ok, you didn't know." He says and the atmosphere in the room changes slightly and everyone relaxes visibly.

"Did you guys get my pretzel??!!" Niall asks and we all laugh.

"Yep!" I say pulling it out of my bag and handing it to him as he took it and basically inhaled it.

"How about Zayn, Liam Niall and I go get some Nando's as you two try and sort through whatever it was that Louis insisted on getting you!" Harry suggested as we laugh and nod and Louis and I drag the bags upstairs. Sorting the clothes didn't take long and I decided to take a shower and we would have a movie night to celebrate the last night of freedom before classes tomorrow. As I finished I went and changed in to some short shorts and a tank top to sleep in as Louis took his shower. It was about 7 when someone knocked loudly on the door. Seeing as Louis was still in the shower I went and answered it. Standing there was a very angry looking Eleanor Calder.

"Is this Louis Tomlinsons dorm??!!!" She asked angrily. I took a step back as she sounded ready to kill.

"Yes…" I say hesitantly as she looks at me.

"You Live with him?!!!" She yelled

"yes I do…" i say and she grabbed my arm and started to twist it. I yelled in pain.

"LOUIS!!!!!" I screamed as she grabbed on to my hair and then pushed my down the stairs in to the living area. Just as she was about to explode Harry walked in laughing, but stopped when he saw me and Eleanor.

"Get. Out. NOW!!!!" He yelled and pointed out of the door as the other boys appeared.

"DARCY!! Oh my gosh!! Are you ok??!!!" Louis yelled suddenly as he appeared at the stairs. I keep shaking terrified she would come back. Just cause I'm Canadian doesn't mean I'm used to wrestling bears. Harry ran over and pulled me to my feet and I stumbled on to the couch.

"It's not broken..." I say moving my wrist slightly. Louis came and sat beside me as the boys went and put the food in the kitchen. I nod and then the tears break free and he hugs me.

"Hey are you ok??" Niall asked as he came in and I nodded wiping away the tears.

"Did you guys get food??" I ask returning to normal.

"No we robbed a grocery store of its plastic baggies!!" Zayn yelled and I put a shocked look on my face.

"NOO!!" I yell and Niall mimics my expression.

"THAT'S WHY YOU WOULDN'T LET ME GO IN WITH YOU!!" He yells and I break down laughing. Soon we're all on the floor laughing as Niall runs in the kitchen to check and see if they weren't joking. "NEVER MIND!!! WE'RE GOOD DARCY!!!" He yelled back from the kitchen and we just laugh and spend the rest of the night pretending the unexpected and unwanted visit hadn't happened.

A/N: I know that Eleanor isn't really like that but for the sake of the story she's going to be ok!!! Also I do like Eleanor and Louis together in real life but their not in a good relationship in this book!!!
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