Loving is simple, Love is not

Darcy was simple, she had school, homework, friends and a non complicated life, that is until she arrived at a university for the performing arts in London, England.
She knew she would have roommates but she didn't expect them to be the most popular boy band of the UK, One Direction. Will she adjust from fangirl to normal? Will she find that one of the boys will fall for her? Will she expect it to be a certain tousled haired Doncaster boy? What will she do when another boy with curly locks also falls hard for her?


4. new arrivals

Darcy's POV

Since we first met, the boys and I had grown closer and I felt like I could just be normal around them and not worry. When I first met them I was worried they would think I was some gold digger, who only liked Louis for his money. Not true!

"DARCY!!! WAKE UP!!!!" I hear a voice yell in my ear and I jump up and hit Niall with a pillow.

"NIALL!!!!" I yell and chase him out of my room and down the stairs and into the kitchen where all the other boys are seated eating... green eggs and.... ham?? "Um not to be rude, but, are you eating green eggs and ham??" I ask and they smile devilishly at me and I suddenly feel self conscious about only wearing a small green tank top and some short shorts that I sleep in. 

"Yep!! Want some??" Harry asked and I nod and sit in between him and Louis. 

"Here you go, love." Zayn said sliding a plate with some eggs and ham.

"Thanks..." I mumble and I take a bite as the others resume eating. 

"So are you guys excited about class today?!" Liam asked excitedly and I suddenly remember it's Monday. I drop my fork and jump up and race up the stairs.

"DARCY!!!" I hear Harry yell and chase after me as I shut my door and grab my phone. I dial Stan's number with shaking hands and I hear it ring twice before my brother Ethan picks up.

"Hello???" he asks and I hear in his voice he's slightly nervous.

"Ethan! It's me Darcy!!" I say quickly and I hear him sigh in relief on the other end.

"Oh thank god!!! I though you were some weird work friend of dad's!!" He says sounding like his normal cheerful self again.

"Yes, yes, thank god, now where's Dad!!" I say impatiently rooting through my drawers to find some clothes for today. I settle on some skinny jeans and a off the shoulder top. 

"Hold on! I think he's coming now.." Ethan moved the phone and I hear him talking to Stan.

"Hello??" I hear Stan's voice this time.

"Stan!!! Has it happened??" I ask excitedly and I hear him sigh exhausted.

"Yes..." he says and I squeal.

"So?!! Boy or Girl???" I ask.

"Both." he said and my mouth dropped.

"T-twins???" I ask and I hear little people (my brothers and sisters) squealing.

"Yes your mom has had twins, Charlotte and Gregory." he says. And that's when my door hit the floor....

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