Loving is simple, Love is not

Darcy was simple, she had school, homework, friends and a non complicated life, that is until she arrived at a university for the performing arts in London, England.
She knew she would have roommates but she didn't expect them to be the most popular boy band of the UK, One Direction. Will she adjust from fangirl to normal? Will she find that one of the boys will fall for her? Will she expect it to be a certain tousled haired Doncaster boy? What will she do when another boy with curly locks also falls hard for her?


2. It's all in the handbook

Darcy's POV

I woke up early and let my dream just wash over me. I dreamt that I was already at school and that my roommates were one direction. Ya right Darcy, I thought, like that would ever happen to you. I roll over and start to fall asleep until I hear a crash and a screech.

"OWW!!! Hot water!! HOT WATER!!!!" I jump out of bed and run downstairs and see Niall jumping up and down and a kettle laying broken on the floor. I stand speechless as I realize that it was in fact, not a dream. Just as I snap out of it Liam runs up to Niall and starts to see if he got burnt.

"Are you ok mate?" Liam asks concerned and has a worried look on his face.

"I'm fine..." Niall mutters as the other join us.

"What happened??" Louis asks and I look over and notice he is only in boxers.

"I dropped the kettle while I was trying to move it so I could get on the counter to get the pop tarts..." Niall said blushing as we laughed a little.

"I think the burns might not show up.... But I'm not sure....." Liam says still inspecting Niall.

"They will if you don't treat them as soon as they happen." I pipe up and everyone looks at me as they realize I was there the whole time.

"Then what do we do miss.should have said something sooner?" Harry said and I blushed slightly.

"First you have to run the burns under cool water, not cold, cool. Then you have to do that for 15-20 minutes then if they still hurt you might want to see a doctor in case you have a second or third degree burn." I say and they all look at me Liam with his mouth slightly open.

"How do you know that????" Liam says as we walked towards the bathroom.

"Simple, babysitters hand book." I say and run the water in the bath, making sure it was cool enough. "Alright, because it wasn't a chemical burn, you can take a bath to sooth the skin, but if it was the water must always be running OFF the body ok?" I say and they all just nod. I roll my eyes and leave as they help Niall take of his shirt. I go up to my room and put on a pair of ripped black skinny jeans and a tank top with shirt that went sideways off my shoulder. I went in to my shared bathroom with Louis and put on some eyeliner and mascara and tie my long brown hair in a fishtail braid. Just before I finished Louis decided to walk in, wearing nothing but a towel. "OH MY GOD!!!" I yell and run out of the room covering my eyes and run smack in to the bed a somersault off the bed and land flat on my ass.

"Darcy!! Are you ok??" I hear Louis yell and run after me in to my room. As I look at him I scream and cover my eyes again as I see his towel dropped.

"Why are you guys- LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON!!!! GO PUT SOME CLOTHES ON NOW!!!" I hear Zayn yell and I crawl up on to the bed and cover my eyes.

"Darcy, are you alright?" I hear Harry whisper as my bed sank a little.

"It burns!!!! IT BURNS!!" I yell and I hear him snort in amusement.

"Oh um sorry about that love, I didn't realize it fell..." I hear Louis said as he joined the others.

"I will never un see that..." I mutter and they all laugh at me.

"Then how about I make it up to you and I take you out shopping?? On me of course!" He says and I look up and glare at him.

"You have scared me for life!!! And no I don't think that you should spend money on me..." I mutter and he waves a hand at me.

"Nonsense! If I gave you nightmares wouldn't you rather clothes over and therapist??" He says and we all looked at him confused. "Alright now I'm lost.... Just let me buy you new clothes ok??!!!" He says and nod.

"Under one condition!! You ALWAYS knock before going in the bathroom!" I say and he laughs.

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