Loving is simple, Love is not

Darcy was simple, she had school, homework, friends and a non complicated life, that is until she arrived at a university for the performing arts in London, England.
She knew she would have roommates but she didn't expect them to be the most popular boy band of the UK, One Direction. Will she adjust from fangirl to normal? Will she find that one of the boys will fall for her? Will she expect it to be a certain tousled haired Doncaster boy? What will she do when another boy with curly locks also falls hard for her?


1. what to expect when expecting the unexpected

Darcy's POV

"This will your dorm room for this semester Ms. Jackson." Mr. Klane said opening the door to a apartment sized dorm room. "You will have five roommates for this year, I hope you get settled I believe they will be here in about twenty minutes." he said closing the door behind me as i stepped in. It was GORGEOUS!!! I mean the living area was pure white with one wall painted fiery red. I went upstairs to find six large bedrooms, which having a big bedroom and not sharing I mean all to yourself, with five siblings and counting, is rare. I quickly claimed one with green paint and a blue en-suite bathroom. After I drop my suitcase off I head downstairs and check out down there. 88' in. T.V. and state of the art stereo, I was in heaven.

"This school must be loaded..." I muttered and went upstairs to unpack. Twenty minutes later, as promised, my new roommates decided to make a grand entrance by walking in and breaking a table. 

"OWW!" I hear a voice yell with a thick British accent. I ran down the stairs and stop dead when I see who I'm rooming with. My look of surprise must have made Ginny Weasley jealous (A/N HP reference, sorry couldn't help myself :p). One Direction, my absolute FAVOURITE boy band ever, was standing in MY dorm. Wait, five roommates... Oh crap.

"Um Hi!" I managed to say and they all looked at me like I looked at them, like a dear caught in headlights."I'm Darcy!" I say and Liam regains his composure.

"And, considering your expression, you already know who we are." he says and I nod and see Zayn sitting in a pile of wood on the floor.

"Are you ok?" I ask him and he looks down and then jumps up and nods. We stand there awkwardly for a few more moments before Louis breaks the silence.

"Did you already pick a room?" he asked and I nodded glad for an excuse to move without them thinking I would attack them.

"Yep! There's five more rooms lef-" I start to say but they all zip past me and I nearly fall but Louis, who went slower, caught me.

"Watch it love." he chuckles and I blush and stand up. We walk up stairs and I find out that the there are two bedrooms to a bathroom and Liam and Niall share one and Harry and Zayn share one, which means-

"Oh no!" I groan and Louis looks at me quizzically. I point to the bathroom and he 'ohhs' then I go and walk in to my room as Louis complains about getting the pink room. "This is going to be one interesting year..." I mutter to myself as the boys start to fight about switching rooms.

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