A dream come true

Danielle has had a rough start to everything. But finally one day, things finally start to turn around.


7. Park Time.

Harry's P.O.V

So I got ready and walked over to Dani's room. "Dani, Open the dorr." I yelled. as she opened the door she looked so beautiful. She had her hair in 2 French braids, blue shorts, her hair in a side bun, and her I love harry Style's shirt on. " I'm all ready" she yelled. As we walked to the stairs to go out of the hotel there were so many girls chasing after us. " Harry, this is crazy.. look at all of these fans." " I know, just hurry and get on the car." As we got in there we were out of breathe from running to the car.

We finally got to the park." Harry, hurry up, they close in 1 hour" Dani said.

Danielle's P.O.V

As we walked into the park I ran straight to the first roller coaster I saw. That was the comet. "Harry, harry, this one." I jumped up and down and ran straight to the first cart. "Dani, slow down, i'm scared." I looked at him in the sweetest way and said "Don't worry Harry, I will hold your hand." We finally got  in the ride and started going up, while we were hand in hand. "Harry, Don't let go" I yelled. "Don't worry babe, I promise I wont. As the ride ended we started to walk to the next ride. As the light hit Harry's eyes, I looked at him and stopped. "Babe, what's wrong?" Harry asked. "Nothing, It's just.. In the light your eye's are so beautiful." we started walking again and I thought.. Am I falling in love with him?

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