A dream come true

Danielle has had a rough start to everything. But finally one day, things finally start to turn around.


4. Metting them

Danielle's P.O.V

"Aaaahhh! were here". I jumped out of the car. I think I looked good. I had my I love Harry Styles shirt on, shorts, my hair in a fish tail braid, and my bangs in a french braid. "Let's go" I yelled. As we waited in line I felt like I was dreaming. "Next" Paul yelled. Harry kept his eyes on me the hole time. "Hey, i'm Harry, what's your name?" "Danielle" I said shyly. "Call me" He handed me a piece of paper. We took pictures and we walked away. "jen, did you just see that?" "Yeah, He likes you".... Could Harry really like me?

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