A dream come true

Danielle has had a rough start to everything. But finally one day, things finally start to turn around.


1. Life sucks.

"Danielle!" I hear my dad steve yell. "What dad?" he looked at me like i was supposed to bow down at his feet. "Excuse me?" Sorry dad, yes?" He picked me up by my arm, pulled me up the stairs, slammed my door shut.. "Why are you spending so much time out with your friends? and you better answer me". My dad looked like he wanted to punch me. "Dad, i'm sorry. You always abuse me. Just let me leave". Since my mom abanded us last month it  was just us two. he pulled me up by my arms, pushed me up against the wall. " Not again, No!" I screamed. Then suddenly his hands went straight across my face. I quickly broke out of his arms and ran out of the house to the park. I called my best friend jen to come join me. She texted me back "I'm on my way. but meet me at starbuck". So off I went. This is my first year here in Hershey, Pa, so I get lost easy. Thank goodness i'm moving back to London soon.

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