A dream come true

Danielle has had a rough start to everything. But finally one day, things finally start to turn around.


2. Do over.

Jen's P.O.V

As soon as Danielle texted me I stomed off to meet her. I really cant believe this, again? Her father is always doing this. "Danielle! ok tell me what happened". She just looked at me and I looked at her cheek. It was super red. "Jen, he told me not to come back. I need to stay with you". I feel so bad for her. First her mom leaves and now her dad does this? Crazy! just crazy! "What do you want? It's on me". "oh, jen, just get me a pumkin spice" Danielle smiled. " There's the smile I want to see".The line wasnt long so I just ran right up and ordered our coffee's. "Get me a pumpkin spice and a french vinalla iced coffee". "That is $15.00 miss". I got our coffee's and we just talked for almsot two hours in there.

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