Fragile *Complete*

When Alex set out to find her long lost brother, she never guessed he'd be famous. But can she get him to remember her, that tiny blank in his childhood memory? Or will his life prove too much of a distraction?


1. The Dream

"Hey Sis," says my brother. "Come here." He sees I'm crying and pulls me up onto his lap. "Shhhh, it's okay. Just go to sleep and this will all be over." I can barely hear him over the storm. The thunder cracks, the loudest I'v heard in my life.

I cry into my brother's shoulder, just wanting the storm to stop. Lightning strikes a tree, causing it to fall, crashing into the window our the room. I scream as glass flies everywhere. I shield my brother, but we both are knocked unconscious.


I wake up in a hospital, alone and scared. No one is there; no brother, no mum, no dad. I look down at my broken body, cut up from the glass. It is ugly. I get up and look around. I find my big brother in a room near mine and pop in. 

"Are you okay?" My voice is trembling. He looks better than I do, but not by much.

"Who are you?" He looks so confused... "Mum, Dad? Who is she?" He remembers them but not me... I cry and run out. I expect my parents to come looking for me, to come find me and comfort me, to tell me everything is going to be okay, but nobody does.

After a couple of days, I peek back into my brother's room. Empty. I cautiously walk over to the reception desk and ask where the people in room 304 were, but she said they left yesterday. I feel foolish. My family left me. What had I done? I was only 3, but they already wanted me gone. What had he done that made them want him over me? He is only 2 years older.

I go back to my room, change into my normal clothes, and sneak out.


I woke up crying, like I always did when I had this dream. Why? Why him, why me? I cried softly into my pillow until the sun came up. 

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