Fragile *Complete*

When Alex set out to find her long lost brother, she never guessed he'd be famous. But can she get him to remember her, that tiny blank in his childhood memory? Or will his life prove too much of a distraction?


17. Shattered

Sunday finally rolled around. The weeks were getting longer and longer it seemed like. I crawled up the steps, unable to stand anymore, and took my tray down and set it on my lap as I heavily leaned against a wall. I barely had enough energy to eat, but I knew if I didn't, I wouldn't last a week. 

People always wondered why I was anorexic, and that was why. When I was a kid, I got fed once a day. I got used to the portions for a three-year-old. When I was older and able to fend for myself, I didn't know what a proper portion was, so I still just ate one meal a day, meant for a three-year-old girl. I didn't know any other way to eat. 

Once I had stomached the food and water, I lay back, just wanting life to end. It was dismal down here, and I hated every second. I had officially given up any shred of hope that someone was going to save me. The only hope I had left was that Louis had moved on from me. I felt terrible. He figures out I'm his sister and two days later, I leave him. I didn't know what I would do if he wasn't okay...


Louis's POV

"Mate, she's been gone a week already. I hate to say this, but I don't think she's coming back. I she was, don't you think she would've for Christmas?" Liam was right. I just couldn't believe Alex up and left, without any word or warning. She never called, and since she didn't have a cell phone, she never texted. It was, needless to say, the worst Christmas I had ever experienced. 

It was just like any other night since she left. I dreamed of her, little bits of memory coming back to me. I woke up to the boys gently shaking me awake. No jumping on the bed, no screaming or singing, nothing. They knew my pain, or at least they claimed to. None of them had forgotten their sister, and just when they remembered her, had her leave two days later. They woke me up, but there was no way I was going down to open presents. I just wanted to lay in bed until Alex came back. She never did. 

"I know," I mumbled, my face in my hands. Someone sat down beside me on the couch and started rubbing my back. I peeked over and saw Zayn. 

"Didn't she tell you that she might be moving back to America and to move on?" I nodded. Where was Harry going with this? "Well, shouldn't you then? Move on, I mean." He had a point, but it wasn't that simple. I ran up the stairs and into her bedroom, locking the door behind me so they couldn't come in. I slid down her door and just sat there, taking everything in, tears streaming down my face. I looked around at all the pictures in their frames. Most of them were of her and a friend or two. She looked so happy. There was one though, that always caught my eye. It was of her and us five boys. I noticed that in this photograph, her smile was brighter, her eyes shown a little more; she seemed happier. Had she known I was her brother in this photograph? I stood up and walked over to it, ignoring the boys' knocking on the door, yelling at me to let them in. I picked up the picture and stared at it. She was gone. She left! I threw the picture frame at the door and fell to the floor, holding my knees to my chest. 

"Louis! Open the door!" Niall sounded panicked. They must've heard the shattered glass. The boys eventually stopped banging on the door and begging me to let them in. Someone started turning the handle side to side. The locks on the doors weren't the best, so after playing with the handle for a while, the door unlocked. The boys all shuffled in, stepping over and around the broken glass, and over to me. Zayn knelt down and picked up the photo. He stared at it for a minute, before putting it on a nearby table and proceeding to pick up the shards of glass. 

"Louis," Harry cooed, pulling me into a hug. 

"How long did she know," I asked no one in particular. I received only blank stares. "How long," I repeated, "did she know, I was her brother?"

"The first little while she was here," Liam admitted, a little ashamed.

"Why didn't anyone tell me?" I was starting to get a little annoyed. If someone had told me, I would have had longer to get to know her as a sister!

Zayn came over and said, "She told us not to tell you." I was about to protest when he said, "Besides, would you have listened? A random girl you picked up off the sidewalk claims to be your sister. It sounds a little far fetched. Add to that that she's from America and you've always believed you were an only child, there's no way you would have believed her." Zayn was right, as usual. I sighed. 

"Come on," Liam said, standing me up, "there's no use being in here, torturing yourself with what she left behind. She left," he added, a little bitterly. 

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