Fragile *Complete*

When Alex set out to find her long lost brother, she never guessed he'd be famous. But can she get him to remember her, that tiny blank in his childhood memory? Or will his life prove too much of a distraction?


14. Nightmares

Louis's POV

I just had this feeling, like Alex needed me. It wouldn't hurt to check on her, would it? As I sat debating with myself, the feeling only grew stronger. I got up out of my seat and bolted up the stairs, two at a time. I was right. Just as I hit the landing, I heard her screams. 

I nearly broke down her bedroom door in my haste, but once I was in, I almost wished I'd stayed downstairs. She was curled up into a ball, her face a mixture of terror, agony, and sorrow. Her arm was outstretched and she was clinging to the duvet for dear life. Every now and then a spasm would go through her body and she'd cry out in pain.

I rushed to her side and pulled her into my arms. She screamed and thrashed and tried to get away, but I only pulled her closer. "Shhhhh," I cooed, "it's alright. Nothing's going to hurt you. You're safe, Alex. Open your eyes. Shhhh." I rocked her back and forth as her sobs became quieter and her body relaxed. She was still asleep though, so whatever horrible thing had happened in her dream was over. "Alex, Love, wake up. I shook her slightly. C'mon, wake up Alex." She slowly opened her eyes and stared into mine. 


"Yeah, I'm right here." I pulled her closer.

"I remember some of it. The beginning," she started. I knew she was talking about her past, what she had forgotten. "Louis!" She sobbed harder, her head buried in my chest.

"I'm sorry. It's okay. You're safe here. Nothing's going to happen to you. Shhh." I rocked her back and forth until she stopped crying again. I looked over and saw all four of the boys in her doorway, their expressions a mixture of shock, sadness, and worry. Liam silently asked if she was okay and I nodded. He turned around and ushered the boys out, closing the door behind him. 

"Louis?" She looked up at me again.

"Yes, Love?"

"I wan't my brother back," she sighed. I studied her expression, but I had to be wrong. It almost seemed like she expected me to remember, like she knew I was her brother. She couldn't know, could she?

"I know. I know. I'm sorry he doesn't remember you," I said, fighting tears. I was sorry I didn't remember. I knew how much it hurt her. But what could I do to get my memories back? I laid her back down and kissed her forehead, pulling the covers back over her. "Go to sleep, Love." I shouldn't have told her that, because she did.


Every night was just like that. Down to the word. The only things that changed were the fact that the boys stopped coming in when she screamed and instead of shedding a tear for her, I'd cry with her.

Tonight was no different. Once she fell back asleep, I walked over downstairs, where the boys were all watching a movie. I looked at the time, it was only 11:00 P.M. "Liam," I asked. "Can I talk to you?"

"Sure, Mate." He got up and walked to the kitchen. "What did you need?"

"How do I tell her I might be her brother? Every night she wakes up and tells me she wants her brother, and I think it's just my imagination, but it's almost like she gives me this pointed look, like she knows I'm her brother. But she still wakes up every night without fail, crying and asking for her brother." I sat down at the bar, put my face in my hands, and started to cry. 

Liam came over and started rubbing my back, trying to calm me down. "Just tell her, Mate. The next time she wakes up and asks for her brother, just tell her. Don't you think there's a possibility she's figured it out but doesn't think you have?" I hadn't thought about that. I pulled my hands away and smiled at him. He wiped my tears away like the Daddy Direction he is and told me, "Go get some rest, Mate. You look beat," and I was. I was too afraid to sleep the past five days (that's how long Alex had been having her dreams), fearing she'd wake up again but I'd be too asleep to hear her. Liam must have seen the worry on my face because he said, "I'll listen for her. Go to bed Louis." I stood up, satisfied, and hugged him, before trudging up the steps to my room.

I flopped down on my bed and slept like there was no tomorrow.


I woke up to that nagging feeling I'd had the first night Alex started having her dreams. I rolled over in bed, groaning, and looked at the clock: 9:47 A.M. Great. I pulled myself out of my bed an walked over to Alex's room. I slowly opened the door and looked at Alex. Liam was asleep in her bed with his arm around her. Alex on the other hand was curled into a tight ball, her hand grabbing at the shirt on his chest. She was whimpering slightly with that same expression on her face. She would cringe every now and then, like someone was hitting her.

Liam woke up with a start when she pulled into a tighter ball, accidentally kneeing him in the side. "Ah, what the... Alex? Louis?" He gave me a look that pleaded for me to help her. I walked over to Alex and tried to pull her away as Liam tried to loosen her grip on his shirt. I grabbed her waist and gently pulled. She clung tighter to Liam and whimpered. I pulled again.

"No! I don't wanna go back! Please!" She started to cry into Liam's chest. I pulled again. "NO! He hits me! Please! I can't go back! I'm only three! Please!" What? Someone hit her? And she was only three? I was going to kill this son of a b****. Liam rolled off the bed and out of her grip, leaving her alone on the bed, crying and shaking. 

"I've got this," I told him. "Go." He nodded his thanks and gave me an apologetic expression has he exited the room.

"Shhh. It's alright, Love. Please. No one is going to hurt you. You're safe here. Open your eyes." She eventually did after a bit more coaxing. I pulled her close and hugged her tightly.


"Yeah, it's me. Are you alright?"

"Louis, I want Tommy back." Tommy? Oh yeah, her nickname for her brother, well, me. 

"I know."

She cried into my chest. "I just want my brother."

"I'm right here. I'm right here," I cooed, hoping she'd catch on.

"No, I want my brother." She sat up and looked at me.

I put my hands on her shoulders, forcing her to look me in the eyes. "I'm. Right. Here." Please understand.

"Wait, you remember?" I saw the spark of hope in her eyes.

"Yes. Well, kinda. I remember everything about you and the fact that you're my sister, but I don't have any memories of you." I hoped that made sense. It all just kind of fell out of my mouth. 

"Louis!" She threw her arms around my neck and I stood up to give her a proper hug, and by "proper hug" I mean I wrapped my arms around her waist and picked her up, spinning her in a circle. "I love you, Big Brother." She stumbled over the last words, and I could tell she hadn't said them in years. 

"I love you too." I couldn't be more happy we had found each other. I should've known my happiness wasn't going to last long. Fate's not that kind.

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