Fragile *Complete*

When Alex set out to find her long lost brother, she never guessed he'd be famous. But can she get him to remember her, that tiny blank in his childhood memory? Or will his life prove too much of a distraction?


4. Meeting the Boys

"I never did catch your name, Love," he stated. 

"Alex. Alex To... Just Alex," I corrected myself.

"Well, just Alex, I'm Louis."

"Nice to meet you," I said, as he handed me my hot cocoa. I wrapped my hands around it, letting the heat seep through my body. I closed my eyes and smiled.

"So, judging by your lack of a jacket, your suitcase, and your American accent, you're not from around here?" I just shook my head. "Why are you in Doncaster then?"

"I'm looking for my brother," I told him.

"Oh, really? What's his name?"

"I don't know."

"Okay... What's he look like?"

"I don't know..." I sighed. 

"Do you know anything about him, Love?" I just shook my head, feeling my cheeks burn up. "Right, well, I'm just going to run upstairs, be back in a minute," he said as he ran up the stairs.

I sat there contemplating, should I leave? I needed to start looking for my brother, but where else was I going to go? I heard two pairs of footsteps upstairs, and someone sounded a little peeved. It wasn't Louis, this voice was too deep. I walked over to the sink and set my mug, still full of hot chocolate, and grabbed my duffle-bag. I tried to be as quiet as possible closing the front door behind me, and started down the sidewalk.

"Alex," Louis hollered after me. "Where are you going," he asked when he caught up to me. 

"I heard your friend upstairs, and he didn't sound happy. So, I decided I'd get off of your nerves," I said as I shrugged.

"What? No, no he was just grumpy I woke him up. He's not a morning person. Please come back," he said, gently taking me by the arm and directing me back to his flat.

As we walked through the door, I saw Louis's friend lounging on the couch with the T.V. on. "Hello, Love," he said, still half asleep. "I'm Harry."

"Hi, I'm Alex," I said, rather shyly.

"Louis, the boys called. We have to go down to the studio, they messed up one of our tracks and we have to rerecord it."

"Wonderful... Let me go change and then we'll go," he said as he ran up the stairs. I turned around to leave, but Harry called me over.

"So what are you doing in Doncaster?"

"Just coming home for a visit," I replied.

"Oh, that cool. Where are you staying?"

"Um, my mom has a house not too far from here," I lied, hoping he wouldn't notice.

Just then Louis came down the stairs in red skinnies and a white striped shirt, with navy Toms. "Let's head out," he said. 

"Thank's boys, I'm just gonna head over to my mom's. It was nice meeting you," I called as I headed out the door. 

"Love, if your mom was in Doncaster, you wouldn't have slept on the sidewalk last night. You're coming with us to the studio." Louis grabbed my suitcase and set it down by the door. "Come on, Harry," he called back.


"Hi, I'm Liam."

"I'm Zayn."


"Nice to meet you," I said, shaking each of their hands. "I'm Alex," I told them politely.

"Boys, are you ready," called someone whom I assumed was in charge. 

"Yeah," they all called in unison.

"You can sit here and watch," said Louis, lowering me to the couch.

The boys were AMAZING! Their harmonies were spot on, and their solos almost made me melt. Wow, I could officially call myself a Directioner. Now I see why the girls all faun over them...


When we all arrived back at Louis and Harry's, the boys ran straight to the kitchen. I went and sat on the couch.

"What do you want to eat Alex," called Liam.

"Nothing, I'm not hungry." I kinda was, but I didn't need to tell them that. 

"Alex, you haven't eaten anything since yesterday. And you didn't drink your hot chocolate this morning," said Louis as he came and sat by me on the couch, concern clear in his voice. I heard Niall gasp from the kitchen.

"I'm honestly not hungry, Louis. But thanks for the offer."

"Alright," he sighed, standing up. All of the boys gave me funny looks when they noticed that I didn't eat, and I bet the fact that I was excruciatingly skinny didn't help either. It's not like they'd ever figure it out though.

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