Kiss Me Im Irish~

A 16 year old contest winner gets to meet up with one direction for 3 days.... but ends up getting more than what she bargans for.


29. What Happens In Vegas....


Two Weeks Later

   I was packing my bags for the plane I would start  to board the following day, since I was legal and about to get married. Sara walked in.

 "Hey girly"


"I feel like we haven't talked in forever," Sara said.

"Me too," Sara then rushed into an uncomfortable conversation.

"Hows your sex life?"


"I mean we all heard you and Niall a few weeks ago..."

"Sara....that's really none of your business,"

"But we both know you guys know," Sara continued "oh, but when you do...I'm pretty sure the neighbors hear you too," I was now intrigued.

"Really, are we THAT loud?"

"All I'm saying is that I wish I could scream that loud when I'm with Louis,"

"Oh my God, Sara!!!" I was now laughing hysterically. I missed talking to Sara, I knew why we were best friends.

"It's true,"

Niall POV

"Hey, lad." Lou said while walking into the baby's room.

"What's up, Louis?"

"Nothing really..but I must ask you something,"

"I'm listening."

"How do know," He raised one of his eye brows. But I was still confused.

"What..I don't und-" He interrupted me.

"How do you get Cris to scream like that?!"

"WHOA, Lou, is what happenned last week the talk of the day?"

" kinda she interrupted our movie....and we were watching surround sound."

"Louis....I really dont know maybe shes just a screamer..."

"There are screamers, then there is Cristina..."



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