Kiss Me Im Irish~

A 16 year old contest winner gets to meet up with one direction for 3 days.... but ends up getting more than what she bargans for.


31. Uh-Oh...


   Its been a month....I'm worried. That thing that happens once a month is 3 weeks late. What if I'm pregnant? What will I tell Niall? I rushed to Sara's room. Without knocking I ran into her room.

"Sara we need to-" 

"Ah!" Said a startled Sara.

"Um...I know I'm interrupting something..but Sara and I need to talk, if you could leave, Lou?"

"Yeah um, sure.." Louis stuttered.

I was so nervous...we might have another baby on the way.

"Sara....I think I'm pregnant."

"WHAT?!" She continued "You have to be lying!!"

"Well I'm 3 weeks late."

"C'mon lets go, we are going to get a pregnancy test."

"Now? You know the boys would want to tag along." I questioned

"Yes now this is important!"


At the store

" what kind do you want, Cris?"

"I dont know."

She grabbed the most expensive one on the shelf, she says 'If its expensive..its legit.' It was a pink box.

"Lets do it now!"

"Really Sara? In the pharmacy??"

"Yes!" She pulled me by my forearm to the bathroom. It smelled like cherry flavored cough syrup and farts.

"Ok. Let it out." Sara urged.

"Dont look at me." I said

"You're such a priss."

15 Minutes Later

It was a plus sign..I checked and double checked the box even though i knew it was positive.

"This is great, Crissy!!!"

"I dont know..I mean Hayley is about to turn 2 next week.."


"I just dont think I'm ready for another kid. We are planning our wedding still."

"Just chill. We gotta tell the guys! Be happy girl." She made the funniest face in the world.

"Hahaha. Youre so ugly!"

"Youre so pregnant!"

"Shut up lets go." I joked.

When we walked out there was a small child who had peed his pants. Sara and I went hysterical at that point.

"Sorry ma'am we just found out that shes pregnant." The lady looked at Sara like she was crazy.




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