Kiss Me Im Irish~

A 16 year old contest winner gets to meet up with one direction for 3 days.... but ends up getting more than what she bargans for.


16. The News


  "Hey mom, I have great news!"

"What is it Cristy?"

 "Im pregnant But before you say anything Im getting married! Niall purposed!!!!!"


 "Mom calm down I called you to see if you could sign papers to get us wed!"

"NO!!! You can call your Papi,"

"I did, both of you have to! Papi already signed!!!!!!"

"Well, do I have news for you! Im NOT signing your crap! I got married and had a baby your age too! And what came my way? DIVORCE! Thats what happens when you get married like this....yo-"

"Like what mom?! I love Niall, maybe you dont but I do! And we are gonna get married and I dont care if you dont wanna sign it my Godmother will!"

"No... not Aunt Marideth,"

"Uh yes Aunt Marideth' it says if the first offered parent/legal guardian then Aunt Marideth can!"

"But shes all the way in Europe!"

"I can take a plane,"

"And how much is that gonna cost?"

"I have a bank account with Niall and he has  twice as much money in there than youll make in a lifetime!!!!!!"

"Have fun, but DONT expect me to be at your wedding!"

"I cant belive you said that.... your not even happy for me!"

"Got that right honey, and dont ever bring that devil  you call a daughter to my house ever!"

"LEAVE ME ALONE FOREVER MOM I HATE YOU!!!!!!" I cried hot tears and hung up the phone as Niall and the lads rushed into the room.

"Whats wrong love?"

"We gotta go to Europe, my mom wont sign the paper work," I sobbed stuttering in beetween words.

"Well what part? And what paper work?"

"Rome thats where my Godmother Marideth lives,"

"Yeah but  the paper work?" asked a confused Niall

"The stuff I need to get signed to get married to you," I looked at the floor.

"Anything for our marrige," He says sympatheticly

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