Kiss Me Im Irish~

A 16 year old contest winner gets to meet up with one direction for 3 days.... but ends up getting more than what she bargans for.


34. The Interveiw


      I stepped off of the plane carrying a sleeping Hayley in my arms, two people behind me were carrying my bags. Once I got into the airport there were 6 people awaiting our arrival; Sara, Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn. Before I even could smile--which was rather quickly--Sara took Hayley out of my arms, and Niall scooped me up bridal style and gave Hayley and I a big kiss. I missed everyone so much and we werent even apart that long. I was still wearing my photo shoot outfit and so was Hayley. Sara was obsessed with my new hair style. 

"Oh God, I missed you guys so so so much!" I said as I passed out hugs to everyone.

"We all did too, Cris," said Liam.

"Come on, we've rented a spectacular condo for the next 3 weeks," prompted Zayn.

"Alright, lets see it." I say.

    About half an hour later we arrived at the condo, It was so pretty. Niall, Hayley, and I would share a room, Sara and Lou would also share a room too. When I walked to the kitchen....well....I nearly peed myself. 

"AAAH!" I screamed.

"Who are you?!" I said.

"Babe?? Whats happening? You okay?" He said till he went to the kitchen, "ohhh,"   

"What? Who is this girl?"

"That must be who Liam is seeing, Lynden. Right?"

"Yep, that's my name." Her voice was soft and feminine, the accent was familiar, Austrailian, I think. Her hair was aqua blue, to match her eyes, she was very tan...a natural tan, not orange. She didnt really look like Liams type.

"Lynden!" Liams voice interrupted my thought.

"Hey, babe, I wanted to surprise you,"

"Well you definitely surprised all of us, come on to my room lets catch up,"

 By this point Harry was the only person who was not in a relationship....which was a bit sketchy, Zayn being engaged now. The interview was tomorrow.  


Interview Day:

We drove about an hour before we reached the production station. There were an army of fans, both the boys and mine...I didn't even know I had fans. Three people were waiting at the the door to greet us with welcoming baskets then we were sent to the Green Room. 

"Mommy, am I gonna be on the TV?" Hayley asked intrigued.

"Yeah, honey,"

"Can I watch myself on there?"

"Well no, darling, because you couldnt watch yourself at the same time,"

"Oh.." She slouched in her seat disappointed at the fact.

Then...Bryce walked in he shook everyone's hand, except me, then came to me last and went in for a hug, I of course rejected it and shook his hand.

"Okay, well can uh join me out here in a few moments," Bryce smiled at everyone then frowned at Niall, which we both found rude and unprofessional. Since this interview was going to be completely live and uncut I was hoping that Bryce would get his act together. They called us on stage. They crowd was roaring young teens held up signs that read '1d af' or 'Criall'. I didnt even know that poeple were such big fans of Niall and I's relationship. The cameraman motioned 'action!'.

  "Good afternoon, London! I'm Bryce Arendier here with One Direction and the nations power couple Niall and Cristina Horan, gueststarring their adorable girl, Hayley Horan!"

"Hey guys!" Liam said speaking for all of us.

"So lets get to these questions!" he continued, "So, Cristina, everyone is wondering if you had a serious relationship before Niall,"

It was make it or break it. My serious relationship was standing right in front of me. I could lie and say no, surprising Bryce, or confess to the boys, my daughter, and and the millions of people watching me the Bryce and I used to be in a serious relationship, Bryce was my first everything, first kiss, first time, first 'love'. Sara looked at me and motioned with her eyes to 'spit it out'.

"Actually, yes I was," The crowd gasped and the boys looked surprised, Hayley had no idea what was happening and Sara just loved the drama.

"Who?" Bryce asked knowing I would have to explain.

"I used to go out with this guy," I motioned towards Bryce and continued, "yeah, I know its weird that my first serious boyfriend is standing right in front of me interviewing my fiance and the boys and my daughter,"

"Wait what?" Said Niall confused, he continued, "why didnt you tell me before?"

I whispered to him, "Lets talk about this later baby.."

"You better have a good excuse..or I'm gonna have to punish you," He stroked my thigh, while I looked confused. This happened a lot, I would do something that would upset the average boyfriend but Niall just got sex out of it, which I wasnt complaining but it seems a bit strange.



After a two hour series of questions with considerably short breaks the interview was over and we had three days to get back to Cali, then a week after that before the boys went on tour and it would be Me, Sara, Hayley, and maybe this Lynden girl at the flat.

"Hey, baby," Niall said twirling me around.

"Hey," I giggled

"Care to explain?"

"Well I was in highschool, it was a stu-"

He hushed me, "No, explain why you still have that dress on,"

"Baby..I really dont we're in the green room,"

"The door is locked," he continued and unbuttoned the back of my dress, "You're so beautiful," he moved some hair behind my ear, "I love your smile, and your laugh, and just everything from your head to your toes," he finished and the dress dropped to my ankles exposing my breasts. He then turned me so my back was against his chest. He massaged my boobs and kissed at my neck. I slid off my underwear to signal that I was ready. He put me on the couch so that he was atop of me, his hands by my shoulders. I suddenly felt his member inside of me, it was slow and passionate. I moaned very slightly, telling him to go deeper. I climaxed faster than ever when he went slow. I loved every moment. He came inside of me, this wasnt a problem since I'm pregnant, "Oh God Niall, you're so good at this," 

"Jeeze, its about time you two came out of that green room," Sara said agitated

"Uh, yeah we were just...t-talking," I replied

"Whyd you stutter?" she continued, "look at me," I looked at her and she squinted.

"What?" I questioned.

"You have sex hair, you and Niall were having sex in there and he was grabbing your hair,"


"Then walk," I took a few steps before my I realized my legs were weak and I stumbled.

"You cant feel your legs can you? You had an orgasm, and your dress is backwards,"

"Fine, Sara you got me,"

"Niall is just one fired up sex machine,"



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