Kiss Me Im Irish~

A 16 year old contest winner gets to meet up with one direction for 3 days.... but ends up getting more than what she bargans for.


3. The Concert

We met the most rude person ever at the ticket booth she was like i leave in a minute so make this quick. Really, its her job to serve us our tickets to One Direction! Its One Direction!!!!!

 "Im Pumped!" Sara said

"Yeah M-m-m-m- HOLY NANDOS!" I yelled in shock

"What d-d-d-d WHOA ONE DIRECTION!" Sara yelled

"I think Niall likes you...." Sara said

"No he dosent, nevermind how do i look" I said

I did this awkward wave and way to un-appealing smile exposing my purple colored braces. He chuckled and walked back stage. Of course winning the competion we got the best front row seats EVER.

     Later That day during the concert...

They sang What makes you beautiful, One Thing, Moments, Live While Were Young, but the weirdest thing happend when they sang Little Things though, Niall pulled me on stage sat me down and sang all of his parts to me while looking in my eyes! Niall is my favorite so i loved the experience! He then sliped a piece of paper into my hand.

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