Kiss Me Im Irish~

A 16 year old contest winner gets to meet up with one direction for 3 days.... but ends up getting more than what she bargans for.


30. ....Stays In Vegas

     [This chapter includes explicit content]

   I stepped off of the jet, I inhaled the urban air of Nevada...I didnt want to get married today though. Not in the chapel. Hayley was just 1 year old now starting to crawl. I had to tell Niall and the lads I wasnt ready for this just yet. Sara and I both dreamed of giant extravagant wedding when we were young. A long veil, a bling-ed out dress. I dreamed of gold chandeliers. He just wants a family. 


   "Niall we need to talk."

"Sure, love"

"I dont want to get married.." I said shamfully.

", ever?"

", just not now. You see I want a big wedding, with friends and family, I was thinking we should hire a wedding planner?"

"Yes! Thats perfect Cris." He sounded happy.

"Hows Hayley? Have you talked to Mrs. Maura?" I said changing the subject.

"Baby, you can call her mum.." Niall said. "And shes doing great, Hayley loves classical music according to Mum."

"Maybe we have a little pianist on our hands?"

"Ahh, she can join the band," Liam interjected.

"Yeah we can re name it Hayley and the Lads!!" I burst out laughing.

"Sara and I made plans for later at 8:30, so I will see you later!"

"Okay I love you!" Said Niall and Lou simultaneously.

"Come on butt face!!" I shouted at Sara.

"Coming, mother," Sara sarcastically yelled.

Later at the casino with Sara

    "Oh my gosh..Cristina! Look at him."

"Who?" I giggled.

"HIM." I could tell Sara was melting into a puddle.

"Oh my god! Sara..doesnt he look familiar to you?!"

"" He was a tall tan guy with brown hair, and hazel eyes with pinwheels of green.

"He was the guy I broke with before we came here!" I punched her in the arm.

"Oh jesus...what? You mean...BRYCE?!"

"Sara..shut up." It was too late he looked at us and started walking our way.

"Hey! Long time no see Cris...and Sara!"

"Yeah hows it been?" I said eyeballing Sara every now and then.

"Great...great, you know just getting by, how about you?"

"How do you not know whats going on in her life?!" Sara interrupted.

I sighed.."No, its been good you know, engaged, had a baby, the usual."

"Wow..looks like im missing out! Engaged to who?"

"what the-" I pinched Sara before she finished.

"Niall Horan," I smiled at his name "you know, the guy in that band?"

"Yeah I know. I really miss you.." He took my hand and I got confused.

"What are you doing?" I said.

"YEAH. What are you doing?"

Then he did what I was least expecting..he grabbed my waist and kissed me. I pushed him away, grateful that no paparazzi was around.

"What are you doing?!" I was furious. "Did you not understand that I have a kid, and a fiance?!" 

"That could be us.." He said.

"I remember why I broke up with you now."

"I know you miss me." He said as I walked away.

"What a creep," Sara said.

"YOU LIKED HIM!!" I laughed harder than ever.

"Whatever pizza butt." 

"Hey, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

Back at the Flat

 "How was your girls night out?" Said Harry.

"It was perfect." Sara looked at me and we both laughed.

"Inside joke?" Zayn asked.

"More like inside drama." I exclaimed. I changed the subject. "Wheres Nialler?"

"He's in the bedroom..FaceTiming Maura and Hayley I think." Said Louis.


I walked into the bedroom, he must of been done on FaceTime because the shower was running. "Hey babe," 

"Whats up Cristy?"

"Nothing...Mind if I hop in the shower with you?"

"No come on in!" I smiled as I unzipped my dress.

He pulled me in the shower by my waist and I ran my hand through his hair that was coated in conditioner. He placed his hand on my butt, and my whole body went numb. I kissed him hard. And he pinned me to the glass of the shower as water ran down his back. He picked me up and slid his hand downwards..he rubbed, I grabbed on to his back leaving traces of red down his spine. Gasping and trying not to yell he whispers, "I love you." 

I wanted to say it back but I couldnt if I opened my mouth I would moan. But I couldnt hold back anymore..I screamed. He said "There's that noise." I giggled. He took his open hand and turned off the shower. Then carried me to the bed and thrust into me. "Oh my god.." I whispered. "Do you like that?" Asked Niall. I moaned to say yes. I kissed him. He didnt stop. I loved it, I screamed again. "Yes babe...OH MY GOD...yeah...Niall." He grasped my butt and spanked it. I let out a whimper. I was on all fours and he pulled my wavy dark hair back into a ball in his hand. He kept going, I wasnt really sure if I could handle this feeling for much longer. He slowed down gradually to a stop. We lay down and just kissed for the next half hour. Mumbling little lovey statements to each other. After a while we pulled on our pajamas and walked out to see everyone eating take out and just talking.

"At it again I see?" Asked Lou.

"Yeah you guys were so subtle..we totally didnt even hear you." Added in Sara.

I smiled. "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."






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