Kiss Me Im Irish~

A 16 year old contest winner gets to meet up with one direction for 3 days.... but ends up getting more than what she bargans for.


15. Planning the Wedding




         "Oh my gosh!!!! Youre getting married!!!" Screamed a rather excited Sara.

"Yeah one problem... IM not of age." I squeaked.

"Then then tell your mom," she smiled.

 "Sara, we came here to watch a concert, not to move in and get pregnant, my mom doesnt even know Im pregnant! Im 16 Im not ready for this!" I yelled.

 The boys heard our conversation and rushed in.

"Everything okay?" Harry asked.

I lunged in to his chest and i was bawling my eyes out.

"I cant do this I just cant!!!! My feet hurt, my back aches, and my boobs are starting to get STRETCH-MARKS!"

"Its okay sweet cheeks we can make up for it six weeks after you give birth." He gave a wink.

I kissed him for a long time our tounges played war, but then..

"OH GOD!" I pulled away, "Oh gosh ow ow ow, baby, I think shes kicking, feel," He bent down and started singing moments to the baby, within 5 seconds she stopped, I smiled. From that moment on I knew Niall Horan would be the perfect father.

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